Cost of Living in Miami Essay

Miami is a wonderful city. However, living in Miami has some disadvantages because it is a tourist destination. That means the cost of living in Miami is higher than many other U. S. cities. According to Homefair. com, Miami is in the top six most expensive cities in the U. S. The average cost of living is approximately $51,500 (Chapple, 2012). Although Miami is an expensive city, there are several ways to save money. Clothing, transportations, and entertainment are three areas where people can reduce expenses.

Saving money on clothes is an important way to reduce expenses. We do not need to buy expensive clothes to look great. We can go shopping in outlets, wait for sales, go to discount stores, and shop online. Another way to save money on clothes is by keeping them longer. For example you can wash clothes once a week instead of twice a week and you will be saving water and electricity too. Instead of wasting money, we can actually make money with the clothes we have. We can have a garage sale, sell the clothes to a thrift store, or we can sell the clothes online.

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These are just a few ideas about saving money with clothing, but there are so many ways that we can use to avoid an expensive life. Transportation can be very expensive in Miami, but there are a few possibilities to save money. Using public transportation such as busses, trains, and metros is a way to save money. For example, if a person needs to go downtown buying a metro pass is less expensive than using the car. “Passengers can purchase one-way train fairs between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for only $2 – $5 dollars”(Sladky, 2008). On the other hand buying a new car is a way to spend a lot of money.

However getting a used car is an option to save. For instance, a hybrid car saves a lot of gas and money. Walking is a possibility to reduce the use of gas. For example, if a person lives near a supermarket or a shopping center, it is better to go walk or bike there and save both gasoline and money. Entertainment is also important for everyone, yet in Miami this can be very expensive. One website categorizes over half the restaurants and hotels in Miami in the “more expensive” category (www. xpatulator. com). It could be very expensive; however, it is possible to find options to reduce cost.

For example, instead of going out to eat in restaurants, people should take the chance to stay at home and cook a delicious meal. In addition, you can rent a movie rather than go to the theater. On weekends, you can spend time with friends while having a barbecue in your backyard. Furthermore, if you want to take your children out, make sure to look for online deals. It’s important to look for bargains as well; for example, Zeke’s on Lincoln Road in South Beach is a popular where people can enjoy a drink for only $4, all the time (Miami City Guide, 2008).

Most people who live in Miami have been affected by the bad economy. Most residents are searching for ways to save money. There are solutions to this situation such as changing our dressing codes from fancy two economic, trading our exclusive car for more economic or fuel efficient cars and changing our dining and entertaining out to more home and familiar activities. To summarize, if you follow this advice, it could be the first step to save money in Miami.

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