could to its purpose, it creates more

could be at risk. Firstly, if
there is a computer failure or power cut at the business, all the date could be
lost, which means that the design would have to be started again. Since you’re
not creating the product on your own, it is very easy for it to go wrong. Not only
can CAD affect the product, but it also affects the business. CAD programs are
expensive and need training must be carried out before someone can use it. This
means that the company is spending money that they would have saved if they
used hand drawing methods. Since all the drawings are on a computer, it is
easier for them to be stolen. Computers can be easily hacked which would result
in the company losing money, customers and reputation.

If customers aren’t familiar with
modern technology, it can be difficult for them to understand what certain
things mean. This can be confusing when different coloured lines mean different
things. There are restrictions to CAD too, not everything is possible as some
tools aren’t available.

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Therefore, although CAD is
extremely good when it comes down to its purpose, it creates more problems than
it solves. People lost their jobs when CAD was brought out, it became easier to
steal and plagiarise drawings and it became easier to lose money due to a
production stopping and having to provide training and updates of the programs.

Manual methods are much simpler.
When drawing by hand it is a lot quicker to convey instructions for tasks. One
of the main advantages of using manual methods to draw is that they aren’t
affected by changes in computers or their programs. Although this is true it
also means that the storage space is much greater than if you have CAD
drawings. The main downfall of manual drawing is that the design engineer must
require an “artistic” skill for them to be understandable.

In industry, there may be times
when different drawings need to be laid side by side to compare them to each
other. When you’re working in CAD this isn’t possible, whereas with manual
methods it is. Along with this, when a product is being manufactured, it is
important that the manufacturers can see the drawings. This is easier when
using hand drawings because they can be carried to the workshop and posted for
workers to see. Although it is easier for internal workers to see hand
drawings, it is more difficult for them to be sent to other people who may be
further away.