Counselors As Companions Essay

I remember when I was introduced to one of my friends that I have now. I was talking to him about how was in school and I was dealing with a great deal of turmoil in my life at the time and I stopped going, and he asked me why I didn’t go back and couldn’t give him an answer. To be honest I really hadn’t thought about going back but took his advice and enrolled back in school. So truly believe that people are brought into your life for a reason, whether it is good or bad. How has Steve changed as a result Of this relationship? Steve has changed by the way he thinks Of myself.

Steve had to decide to accept that he was different and doing so he discovered parts of himself that were not normal-they were extraordinary (Hallstead, 2000). I also believe he has changed as far as being more patient with himself and giving himself credit for the accomplishments he has made in his life and to me that makes a person much stronger and wiser. Has Steve benefited from this relationship? Yes he has because he seems to be a much better person inside and out. And realizes that life itself is a journey and with all the hurdles that he has encountered on the way makes him a more costive person.

And that he has made a lifelong friend. Part B Based upon the article in Part A, identify one ethical issue that may lead you as a human service professional to review the ethical standards and how you can resolve any ethical concerns. I think I would look at when Stave’s psychiatrist called the counselor to ensure an aftercare plan for Steve would be implemented. And stated “Stave’s level of denial and resistance are his biggest problems and he is never going to be able to finish college because of his obvious limitations” (Hallstead, 2000).

Looking at the ethical standards, tenement five human service professionals protect the integrity, safety, and security of client records. All written client information that is shared with other professionals, except in the course of professional supervision must have the client’s written consent (NOSH,ND). I would ask the psychiatrist if Steve has signed a consent form so that she can discuss with me Stave’s evaluation. And I also don’t think it right for her to say what she said about his limitations, but am not sure that would be an ethical concern, other than what is stated in statement five about the client’s integrity. Why are the

National Organization of Human Service ethical standards important to follow as you begin to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities? It is very important because it gives us guidelines to work with not just what our own morals and standards are, but to make sure we keep them on a professional level as well. It also helps us understand the importance of other cultures standards and morals. Reference: Hallstead, R. W. (2000). From Tragedy to Triumph