. them were Qataris nationality or with

.   Presence of American military base in the
region has bring Qatar more clese to America. Saudi Arabia presuppose to be a
major power in the GCC, try to influence others to stand behind the Saudi position.
Qatar’s Foreign Minister said that Gulf countries were demanding  our sovereignty10. In recent past ,Saudi Arabia along
with its allies had banned dozen organisations and 59 people it accuses of
relations to Islamist militancy. A number of them were Qataris nationality or
with links to Qatar growing the diplomatic crisis in the region, which raises
tension between two economic giants.7 This crisis sheltered the economic
growth of all the region. Iran proffer to provide food supply to Qatar, after
GCC countries cut ties with Qatar. About 40 percent of Qatar food supply is reached
through Saudi Arabia.Closing the border means increase in food demands, which
was a diplomatic move. Qatar has  adepted
foreign policy with different strategies to its gulf countries but there are
two issues. First, Qatar prop up for Islamist organization. Qatar accept that
it has provided Muslim Brotherhood but contradict aiding militant groups. Other
problem of Qatar is ties with Iran, which it shares the world largest gas field.

2.4  Relations
with Regional Players.Once again Iran is enjoying and watching the fall of
Arab and this crisis can make further rift in Muslim world and make Muslims weaker
identity. There are countries, who wants division in asia especially in Muslim
world to stop their growth and progress. Grivances between Qatar and other gulf
countriescan lead to war. But still there is a hpe to smooth out the
tension.12 Qatari officials apparently paid close to $1 billion in
ransom for the release of a Qatari family, kidnapped while hunting in southern Iraq.
These huge funds made their way to Iranian officials and affiliated Shiite
militias payments. According to British newspaper, source the straw that broke
the camel’s back for Qatar’s critics in the Gulf.13″ Tillerson said in
Australia while giving an interview that, We certainly would encourage the
parties to sit down together and resolve these differences. 4″Historically, Saudi Arabia has
been conformist but this time it seems that the gloves are off,” says Awad
al-Fayadh, a journalist working for Saudi-owned MBC television.5

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