Crash: Racism and Lock Sandra Bullocks Essay

In the society we live in we interact with people of all different types of race, ethnicity, and gender. Even though we are all human, we are still separated by the social stereotypes in which our race, sex or gender play major roles as to how we are treated in society. Blind to the eyes of the ignorant people who fail to believe racism sill exist. The issues of prejudice, discrimination and racism are deeply rooted in the shaping of today’s society.

This was made clear to me in the analysing of the 2006 film Crash.In the movie Crash there is racial conflicts throughout the entire movie. In the beginning of the movie it shows two cops (Matt Dillon, Ryan Phillippe,) pulling over an African American couple, (Terrence Howard, Thandie Newton). The moment Mat Dillon’s sees that they are black he tells them to step out of the vehicle even though they have done nothing wrong. This happened because earlier he got in a dispute over the phone with his insurance company about his dad and the person who helped him was black. He felt mistreated and then took out his anger on the couple he pulled over.

He knowingly sexually assaulted Thandie Newton’s and he blackmailed them. This is one of the many race conflicts in the Movie. Another good example of racial conflicts is with Sandra Bullocks and Michael Penas. When Michael Penas character comes to Sandra Bullocks house to fix their lock Sandra Bullocks character looks at him and sees all of his tattoos and how he wears baggy clothes she gets the impression that he is a gang member and that he is going to sell their key to his “homies” so they can rob them.But he is really just a family man that is trying to get away from all these conflicts and have his daughter be able to grow up in a safe neighbourhood.

There are many other event in the film in which racial profiling/racisms are embedded such are the five forms of racism: Old-fashion racism (traditional racism), Aversive racism, Laissez-faire racism (symbolic racism), color-blind racism, and institutional rascism