Creativeness explained

The life of a creative person is unique. Differences between them and the rest of the world are numerous and intriguing.  Growing up with a creative mind, I saw the beauty in a grain of sand. I saw intoxicating colours in the sky and images in wallpaper. I heard whispers of stories in the lightest conversation.

  Many people see and hear these things, but they can’t often use them as inspiration for works of art.  A creative person can, as did I. I often get lost in my stories and poems. There was nothing I couldn’t turn into a story.

  A creative person doesn’t see surface beauty, they delve deeper. The dark side: There is, however, a downside to being creative. There are struggles that only a creative person can understand.

These struggles are the stumbling blocks keeping those who dare to venture outside the norm from reaching unheard of heights of euphoria. For the creative person they are the crutches and fodder for even more beautiful renditions. OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Possessions:  Artists in general are a messy lot; disorganized and just all over the place. Although they may seem lazy and stung by procrastination much of the time, a creative person can be quite anal about their art supplies etc. They often have strange rituals such as only using one particular brush on a certain day of the week, or may avoid using cerulean blue for months on end.For me as a writer, I can’t begin or even complete a chapter unless I have complete silence and have saved the document in at least 4 different places. I mean it, I’m pretty obsessed. But that’s just me.

 Insecurities:  Nothing I create is ever good enough, in my eyes. Someone can absolutely fall in love with something I write but my doubts scream that they are just being polite. I struggle to accept compliments, for I think they are just feeling sorry for me. It’s a struggle beyond words really, but creative people are never satisfied and frankly never want to be.

This dissatisfaction is what drives us. Mood swings and Mental Disorders:  Now I’m not trying to play into stigma here, but many creative persons have issues with mood disorders or disabilities. In the past I have suffered from Depression, Anxiety, Low self-esteem and PTSD. I believe this adds more flavour to the mix. When I’m able to dodge procrastination, I can write an awesome short story or an inspirational missive that stuns even my self-doubt. Not every creative person has a mental illness – but so many of the great ones have suffered in this way. It’s no shame, just a testament to how great things can come from such harsh sufferings. I know they can! Seeing everything in a new light:  There are people who move throughout life in a haze.

So many of them do not pay attention to the intricacies of life in general and their surroundings in particular.  A creative person, on the other hand notices details in everything.    Artists, writers, and musicians find treasures in the most mundane areas. They have revelations which bloom into songs, novels and fill sketch books. Perhaps this ability stems from talking less and noticing more than most people.  Being totally awake, mindful and present brings you kin-ship with the earth, your mind, and spirituality.

The waters are deeper than you think, and so is the mind of a creative person. Introverted tendencies:  Those who like being alone and quiet are not hermits but highly creative and intelligent people who need some quiet time.  Just because we don’t thrive on being around lots of loud boisterous people doesn’t mean we are unkind or snobbish.  We are not lonely, just alone.  I am of this nature on one spectrum, while on the other, having found my balance, I am exuberant, outgoing and curious about everything.

   There is no negative to being creative:  I have discovered that without the struggles and hardships I have endured I would probably not be who I am today. I take absolute pleasure and inspiration of who I have been, where I have come from and excited about where I am going. Love every moment of being able to cultivate the waves of glorious creation as I sit here in wonder, wondering what the Universe will send me next.