Criminal Investigation Report of Ernie Hempway Essay

The subject of this investigation is Ernie Hempway A. K. A Eric Cartman, suspected of committing robbery with a deadly weapon (ADW) towards the victim, John Steinbeck. On October 24, 2012, Steinbeck reported at approximately 3:00PM, he arrived at his residence located at 222 River Road, Riverend City. Steinbeck states he entered the house, turned on the television, and said he then remembered he had forgotten something from his vehicle. He goes on to say that while entering the front door of his home; he was assaulted with a deadly weapon (pipe wrench) from behind being struck on his head causing a concussion and lost consciousness.

When Steinbeck regains consciousness he realized the suspect had located and stole $1500 in US currency. The Riversend CSI personnel unit responded to the crime scene location and gathered evidence. Upon gathering evidence, two samples of blood were obtained at the scene. One sample was found located on a bloody wrench used to assault Steinbeck (Photo,20). The second sample was inquired at the entrance of the residence from a door jam on the metal glider where the door latch slides across the frame(Photo,1).

Unfortunately, no latent prints were obtained from the scene. I, Officer Rookie, checked with Steinbeck’s Neighbors in attempt to acquire any information anyone might have observed. One neighbor, Bob Smith, Residence 229 River Road, stated he observed an American made pick-up truck, 80’s year model park near the victim’s residence at 2:00 PM approximately one hour before the attack. On October 25, 2012, I interviewed with Steinbeck regarding multiple incidents starting with the wrench used by the suspect to hit him.

Steinbeck explained the wrench was his, stating he kept it located by the gas shut-off valve and that the video surveillance camera had been turned off. When asking about the half-eaten donut found (Photo, 12) at the scene he stated the donut had been his because his stomach was upset from the consumption of one alcohol beverage (Photo, 8) and he thought it would help. I proceeded the interview by asking about the blue shirt (Photo, 14) left at the scene and asked if it had belonged to him Steinbeck said he was unaware of the blue shirt and did not know who it belong to.

He also went on to say that no one was aware of where he kept his money not even his maid but he did state he had monthly poker games where he would have friends over to play and he would have to go into the other room to access his funds for poker. Continuing to say that they were in the other room and stating “they would never steal from me, they are all rich anyways. ” I asked Steinbeck the names of the players and he provided me with a list. On October 26, 2012 the DNA analysis sample testing had been completed recovered from the entrance door frame revealing it belong to a man named Ernie Hempway, CII #12312300.

Ernie Hempway contains numerous arrests for thefts, burglaries, and robberies. From this information the last name looked familiar from another’s individuals name with the same last name Hempway on the list of poker players Steinbeck had provided me. I spoke with Don Hempway the brother of Ernie Hempway. He stated he was unaware of the robbery and that Ernie does not know Steinbeck. Don did remember last Christmas he was drinking with Ernie and began to brag about winning $10,000 from Steinbeck and Ernie asking where did he get the money from and Don said “from the other room”.

At this point I asked Don if he could provide me with Ernies address, which he did and provided the address 123 Notwell st, Riversend City, Apt # 555. On October 29, 2012, based on the information provided, detective Al Goodluck, Serial No. 5431 and the magistrate I. B. Thoroughgood signed a search warrant of the location and vehicles. Also a arrest warrant for Ernie Hempway was issued based on the sufficient probable cause of the victim’s DNA present at the crime scene and for the money taken from the victim’s location and other property taken would implicate the suspect’s involvement in the burglary.

If the suspect is present during the service of the warrant, it is stated I, Officer Rookie, I am authorized to arrest the suspect for Section 211 of California penal code. Section 211 states “Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. ” On October 30, 2012 Ernie Hempway was arrested and interviewed by Detective Al Goodluck. During the interview, Hempway makes a statement which wasn’t even brought up stating that Steinbeck has a lot of money with assurance in his interview.

Goodluck went on to ask him about the $14500 found in Hempway’s home. He replied, he had got it returning bottles and cans. When Goodluck asked about the scratches on his left wrist Hempway replied working on a car. Goodluck revealed to Ernie Hempway that not only was he guilty based on the DNA at the crime scene matched the DNA of Ernie Hempway but also the blue shirt left with the initals “EH” was his. At this point Hempway asks for a lawyer. My recommendation for this individual’s case would be 20-25 year in jail with the chance of parole in 15 years.