Criminal justice would be far more effective it focused primarily on restorative justice Essay

Assume you are an experienced judge who is delivering a lecture to first-year judges. Take a position for or against this claim: Criminal justice would be far more effective it focused primarily on restorative justice. Support your position with examples. I feel that it would be more beneficial if the victim and the offender be able to meet.

This gives the victim an opportunity to ask the offender question to why they did that to them. It also helps with the healing process for the victim as well as the victim. Assume you are a lawyer for a man accused of assault on his domestic partner.Take a position on this statement: Empathy should be part of the criminal justice system. Explain your position.

No, because many times, when we used empathy we set ourselves up for disappointment within the community. We need to make sure that every situation is done the same way so no one will be confused out the decision the courts make. Rights are moral principles that define man’s freedom of action within society. I think that individuals’ right are granted by the government and include life, liberty, and property, freedom of speech, religion, and press.Every person has individual rights. No one should be threaten the public due to individual rights. It’s kind of hard to balance them because some countries have where their citizens so not have rights at all and the government may not care. I believe that everyone should be given the indivuals right but shouldn’t have endangered or threaten public protection because that it falls under the bill of rights and it wouldn’t be rights.

My approach is that if citizens have rights then they should have public protection because they are the public they should be protected.All people should be respects and well treated as individuals concerning the constitution and the bill of rights. I think that there is an argument whether rewards should be used in the criminal justice field of if just to use punishment. When a criminal commits a crime and the use plea bargain or they might turn themselves in, they may feel sorry and that’s why they did plea or turn themselves in.

Plea bargaining makes you sentence lower than what it was going to be depending on the certain crime you committed. They should be rewarded because they didn’t have to turn themselves in they could have been on the run.There is a reward when a person turns downs trail and pleads guilty. My approach is that they both should be used to promote good behavior. Sometimes there are too many trails and then when a person pleas they make it less trails and should be rewarded. Either way the person is going to be punished because of the fact of the committing the crime it is not always good to be cruel. The criminal didn’t have to plead.

Sometimes people lie to get what they want. Sometimes law enforcements lie in an interrogation and may get the person scared or frightened.They use this to get the person to say or foe them to hear what they wanted to. Sometimes they may torture the person to get the answer.

The use immoral meaning to accomplish their desirable ends. I believe that there are times when officers need to do certain to get their end. One way to use ethics in decision making about these issues in criminal justice is to see in your point of view Another way to use ethics in decision making when it comes to these issue s in criminal justice is to know the rules and regulations along with thinking about a person’s own ethical stance before a person is placed in this type of situation.