Knock, Knock, Kno-

The place is very
weirdly isolated. Why would he bring me here?

“How’s it going? Come
in, don’t be shy. Sorry, the house is so
messy and just very unpleasant., I was about ready to clean up, but then I
heard the knock.”

I think that’s him,
he’s who’s in the picture. He’s very sketchy looking.

“Who’s in the car? Tell
them to come in, it’s so dangerous outside. It’s getting dark. They shouldn’t
be scared, I’ll take good care of you guys.”

I just agreed with him,
then led my friends inside. His apartment was very stinky and just awful
looking. It’s like he doesn’t know what cleaning is.

“You guys, just get cozy. I see you have a beer for us, thank the heavens. It wasn’t payday yet, I don’t think
I’d be able to afford it.”

He’s the only person
who’s been talking. I haven’t even had the chance to say thank you.

“I’ll let you guys in
the room alone for a second, I just need
to go do something. Stay there though,
you won’t be the only ones here in a few minutes. I have more visitors coming.”

He just closed the door
as he walked out, it was kind of rude since he doesn’t even know our names.
It’ll be fine.


He barged into the room
with a gun in hand. He pointed it at us.

“This was my plan all
along, you stupid little brats. How on earth did you not see that coming?” Get
ready to die in my arms.”

“Is everyone and
everything here? Let’s get this over with.”

 “Krista! NO!”

Krista? Why did she
have to jump in front of me, he was about to shoot me.

“Getting too cocky, eh?
You take her. Do not let her go. Do whatever your heart desires.”

“Let me take this. I’ll
do whatever I have to. You know me, boss,
I got no mercy. I’ll cover her mouth then take her to my little killing spree with her friends.”

I tried to escape, but
someone caught me. They saw. This was when he started grabbing me. There were about fifteen men in the room, yet the
strongest looking one had to go for me.

“Well, well, well. Look
at you little girl. Think you can be a brave hero who survives this. You can
scream as loud as you can, love. No one is
gonna hear you. All your little friends are in a burning car right now.”

He grabbed me, aggressively. My hair started to hurt I could
feel it fall out.

“You! Make sure to get
every little bit of money or anything valuable
from these dead children while I have some fun.”

searched for our purses and took everything. I mean, everything.

“Our plan went by smoothly, wouldn’t you agree with me,