Criteria for quanitative research critique Essay

Overview of the Study: This section provided the whole summary of the entire research. Despite the complexity of the terminologies, thorough information of the whole element was presented. It indicated the researcher’s degree of knowledge in the field of medicine. The research title was self-explanatory, clear and unambiguous.Abstract: The abstract section offered a clear overview of the study along with its research problem, sample methodology, finding and recommendation.Introduction to the study: The purpose of the research was clearly identified in this section and the researcher’s hypothesis was well-established.

Literature Review: The literature review was logically organized and offered a balance critical analysis. The research steps flowed naturally where it defined the research questions and the appropriate data collection method.Theory/Framework:  Conceptual and Theoretical framework have been identified, were adequately described and were appropriate to the study.Research Questions or Objectives: Research objectives have been clearly identified and stated. They reflect the literature review information.Research Hypothesis: Like the Research objectives, Research hypothesis was clearly stated and also reflected the information presented on literature review.Study Design: The study design was clearly identified and its data-gathering instruments were described. The instruments were appropriate.

Validity and reliability were undertaken by way of translation to ensure cultural sensitivity and was pilot tested.Ethical Consideration: Ethical principles were applied in this study and individual rights of the subjects were adhered to. This research both benefits the participants and the society.Organization of Paper: The research was organized, concise and grammatically correct. Jargons were present although they were made easily understandable even for novice. Despite it being a medical research, the content was appealing.

Syntax, punctuation and spelling were properly used.APA format, in-text citations and reference list: The study concluded with a list of all the books, journal articles other media reports that were mentioned in this research, all of which serve as a useful source of further research. There was a variation of APA in-text citation presented in this writing.Reference:Macnee, C. L.

(2008). Understanding nursing research using research in evidence-based practice (2nd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.