Critical accomplish (buy) everything on your schedule”

Critical thinking involves questioning and analyzing a problem, scenario or subject to gain a deeper understanding of it. A critical thinker asks questions and gets information that will help solve or give insight into a problem or situation that has been addressed. Those that have a critical thinking mindset tend to be rational and try to think things through and asses how they can fix a situation. Creative thinking involves thinking outside the box and coming up with creative and sometimes unordinary ways to solve problems.

Creative thinkers come up with new and original ways to create and solve things. Creative thinkers gather information and then based off intuition and creativeness, come up with their own way that best suits their ability to solve the situation. Dr. Andrew Baker writes, “While critical thinking analyzes information and roots out the true nature and facets of problems, it is creative thinking that drives progress forward when it comes to solving these problems” (Baker, 21).

I agree with this statement because I believe that critical and creative thinking is a process and goes hand in hand. There is a certain number of hours in a day and a certain number of things that need to get done in that day. There is also a limited amount of energy we have in our bodies to get things done.

 We must get the correct amount of sleep, nutrition and exercise in order for us to be maximizing our energy. We must manage our time wisely. If we know that something takes longer we need to schedule that into our day. I am a big believer in to-do lists, schedules and planning my day and trying to stick to it to the best of my ability. Christopher Hockey writes in Time Is on Your Side, “Think of energy as money and time as what you’d like to buy. If you’re too tired (or energy broke) to be productive, it’s hard to accomplish (buy) everything on your schedule” (Hockey, 24).

I agree with this as energy and time management are interconnected. We must make sure that we keep this in mind throughout our day to have the right focus before we do something that may distract us from the goals of our day.  Baker, Dr.

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