Critical Essay

When he gets there late the people leave and a mystical force sucks IM in the computer forever. Based on the use of technology, the development of characters, and the main message of the stories “Sound of Thunder is a better work of science fiction. When it comes to technology, “Sound Of Thunder” uses it more effectively than “Enthraller’. Len Sound Of Thunder, the type of technology used is time travel. They use it to kill historic beasts. For example, the story states,” Time safari we take you there you shoot it. ” (Bradbury). As this example shows, people can time travel to kill extinct beasts.

People would be interested in this because time travel has not en proven possible. However, Interchanger, uses technology as a portal to another world. For instance, the story states, “On Jersey’s twenty-one inch monitor with it’s sixteen million colors a whirling vortex appears. ” (Skuzzier). The way that Interchanger uses technology is less effective because a portal out of a computer screen just doesn’t make sense. Overall, these examples illustrate that Sound of thunder uses technology better. When it comes to character development, Interchanger helps us to get to know the main character better.

In Interchanger, the author helps us to know he main character by showing a little backstops before everything happens. For example, the story states, “It didn’t matter that he’d deliberately forgot to bring his gear to school coach told him to dig some out of the box. ” (Skuzzier). As this example illustrates, that even though he didn’t want to play he had to, he didn’t want to play because he wasn’t good at soccer he had to for school. In contrast, “Sound of Thunder’ they start by getting right to the action ,there is no backstops for Cells. For instance, the story states, “l miscalculated want out. ” (Bradbury).

This example shows us that he was not rave enough to do this. In general, Entertainer’s characters are more fully developed. When it comes to the main message of each story, the theme ” You can’t run from everything ” connects to the audience better. The main message of “Interchanger” is lying doesn’t help anything in the long run. For example, the story states , “Princess Die is the only one in your group that tells the truth and she is leaving tomorrow. ” (Skuzzier) As this passage shows, Lying gets you nothing but false things. However, the theme in Sound Of thunder is One mistake can change everything.