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Critical Path What is a Critical Path? A Critical Pathis essentially a to-do list for before, during and after the event. It listsall activities that need to be completed in order to ensure a successfulproject. A critical path is as the name states – critical. It is very importantto follow a critical path and constantly update it when preparing for an event.Critical paths can be presented in many different ways, but the most importantitems to have are tasks with timelines associated (start, duration and duedate), importance and dependence of task, and individual responsible for saidtask. Let’s look at a simple example of a critical path forhanging a new picture on the wall.  Task Duration Start Choose a picture 30 minutes 9:00 am Buy the screws 30 minutes 9:30 am Choose the place on the wall 5 minutes 10:00 am Drill a hole 15 minutes 10:05 am Screw in the screws 5 minutes 10:20 am Hang the picture 1 minute 10:25 am        **Explain thevariations and possible orders of tasks that are determined by the dependencyof other tasks.

**Explain possibleflexibility on certain tasks**Discuss WHO,WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW New to Event Planning? Then making a critical path maysound like a lot of work and you also may not know where to start. Each eventis different and has different requirements, so it is very unlikely that youwill ever use the same critical path twice – but you will use many elements ofa critical path over and over again. Let’s go over some areas that are significant items toinclude in a critical path and some questions to think about while creatingyour critical path: Planning &First Steps·      Establishgoals and objectiveso  What is the purpose of this event?o  What do you hope to achieve?·      Identifylogistics o  Dateso  Locationo  Audience·      Hasthis event been executed before? Are there debriefing notes? Budget·      Whatis your budget?·      Doespaperwork need to be processed to receive your budget?·      Who’sin charge of the budget?·      Setup a budget template Agenda·      What’shappening at your event?·      Firstdraft agenda  Food &Beverage·      Whatare the food and beverage requirements for the venue?·      Internalor external catering?·      Arethere permits or licenses that need to be obtained?·      Whatare the menu options?·      Planmenu·      Determinequantity·      Specialrequests?·      Orderfood and beverage·      Howare the tables being set?·      Styleof service?·        Entertainment/GuestSpeakers·      Identifywants and needs of the audience·      Identifywho or what·      Establisha connection with entertainment/guest speaker·      Confirmentertainment/guest speaker·      Requestrider or special requests·      Providecopy of agenda A/V and Lighting·      Whatare the requirements?·      Internalor external hiring·      Requestbookings·      Confirmbookings Security·      Isthere internal security? Is external security required?·      Providestaff with walk through/map of venue·      Providecopy of agenda·      Informof any special circumstances·      Reviewstandards and protocols Staff/Volunteers·      Establishvolunteer/staff need·      Hirestaffo  Internal or external staffing?o  Staffing agency?o  Confirm needs·      Or/andreach out to Volunteerso  Develop intake documentso  Confirm attendance·      Establishrequirements of events and tasks associated·      Draftvolunteer/staff schedule·      Providevolunteers/staff with schedule·      Providestaff/volunteers with agenda·      Debriefstaff/volunteer Set Up·      Createfloor plan·      Confirmfloor plan with venue·      Establishset up time with venue·      Establishplan and timeline of delivery of items to venue Décor·      Doesthe venue require décor?·      Establishneed for décor Registration·      Establishtype of registration·      Prepareregistration documents·      Registrationfor attendees and vendors?·      Onlineregistration requirementso  Is the platform safe?o  Will attendees use it?o  Is the platform user friendly? o  Is the service free?o  Do you have registration software? Vendors·      Establishneed·      Contactvendors·      Confirmvendors·      Providevendors with details and agenda·      Specialrequests or requirements?

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