Critical Thinking Learning Psych Essay

The episode I found that fit lassie conditioning was season 3, episode 16 “Phyllis Wedding’. This episode e actually came out and talked about Pavlov’s experiment with the dogs salivation when exposed to meat. In this episode Dwight (one of the workers in the office) is being condition owned to respond to the sound of the computer rebooting by Jim ( office coworker). Jim original y asks Dwight if he would like a piece of gum and Dwight puts out his hand to receive the gum . In the meantime Jims computer makes a rebooting noise.

Jims computers noise it makes whenever it reboots is the neutral stimulus. Jim asking if Dwight would like a p ice of gum is the unconditioned stimulus and Dwight sticking out his hand is the unconditioned Ned response. Jim continues to condition Dwight by doing this experiment multiple times who ere he continued to give Dwight piece’s of gum whenever he asked him. Later, Jim made the non SE on his computer without asking Dwight if he would like a piece of gum.

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