Critical efficient way as possible. Being effective is

Critical operations function performance objectives of PlayStation 3


It is extremely
important to perform well in an organisation and successful company like Sony
preserve their reputation largely due to their performance of their operations.
In general, every organisation including Sony want to be competent and
effective. According to Slack et al (2007) specified that the principal goal of
operations function in organisation (Sony) is along these lines to orchestrate
assets and activities in an as most effective and efficient way as possible.
Being effective is to meet the needs and demands of the customers and Sony do
this by producing goods (like PlayStation 3) and services that customers truly
desire, and being effective means creating the required goods and services to
the target customers set by the company, at as most reduced cost and effort as
possible (R. Johnston, S. Chambers, C. Harland, A. Harrison, N. Slack, 1998,

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Slack et al (2007) stated that operations performance objectives are urgent
variables that are deliberately essential to Sony Company. Being deliberately
imperative implies that the performance aims must be considered as vital
objectives to be accomplished and the essential point of the operations
function is to deploy the suitable resources or assets to support the
accomplishment of those objectives. Commonly, the performance objectives are
particularly identified with fulfilling customers’ necessities. Overall, the
major performance objectives that apply to a wide range of organisation
(including Sony technology department) and are firmly identified with consumer
loyalty necessities are speed, dependability, flexibility, quality and cost
(Slack et al.,2007).



Speed Objectives

Speed implies doing things rapidly. This is when companies like Sony deliver
goods and services to their consumers as quick as possible. This includes
setting on fast decisions making and speedily moving materials and data or
information inside the operations. For instance, with regards of trade and
transport facilitation, “automated processes” can be a speed execution factor.







implies getting things done on time and as guaranteed. It is about creating
dependability. It can be accomplished through the use of reliable equipment,
effective communication, effective booking frameworks, motivated workforce, and
‘straightforwardness of outskirt procedures’ can be a case of dependability
execution factor.



 Flexibility is tied in with having the
capacity to change the operations to satisfy new necessities. As requirements
can change after some time, organisations need to improve or develop operations
capacity to present new or adjusted product and services, and to produce a wide
range or mix of products and services. Additionally, flexibility likewise
includes volume adaptability (the capability to change volume of output or
production over time) and delivery flexibility (the capacity to alternate the
delivery time). Flexibility can be accomplished to the utilization of more adaptable
equipment, providers or suppliers with great flexibility execution, multi-talented
workforce, and so on. With regards to trade and transport facilitation ‘diverse
passage times’ can be a case of flexibility performance factor.



4. Quality:
Quality is about doing things right. It means consistently producing
goods and services that meet expectations. The quality objective can be
achieved by the provision of error-free products or services that fulfil
customer requirements. This requires skilled workforce, adequate job
specifications, proper technologies, and effective communication. For example,
in the context of trade and transport facilitation, ‘adequate transport
infra-structure’ can be a quality performance factor.


Example Stringer
also knew that there was much more at stake than winning the console war. The
next generation of the DVD market was at stake as well. In addition to being a
gaming console, the PS3 was a Blu-Ray disc player. Blu-Ray was a
next-generation optical disc format that held more than five times as much
information as DVDs and allowed high-definition television (HDTV) owners to watch
movies with an unprecedented level of image quality. The PS3 was, in effect,
the “Trojanhorse” for the Blu-Ray format




Cost performance is about doing things
economically. Low cost is a universally attractive aspect. Lower cost of
production or service delivery reflects to the customer in form of lower price.
Cost reduction can be achieved by developing good relationships with suppliers,
good negotiation of supplying contracts, getting the right mix of resources and
facilities as inputs, etc. In the context of trade and transport facilitation,
‘no hidden costs’ can be an example of cost performance factor.


List of goods
of Sony PlayStation 3

Goods is tangible, this means that output of the operation is
a material entity that can be store. For instance Sony PlayStation 3 have raw
materials which are Reused Resin, covered wire, paint, ink, fiberglass, copper,
copper thwart, tin-lead, nickel, gold, silicon, silver, steel, aluminum,
thermosetting plastics, sheet metal, polymethyl acrylate (glue), and