Cse Journals #13, 20, 24, & 28 Essay

Donna Bennett CSE 1101 Sec. 110 December 1, 2010 Journal Entries # 13, # 20, # 24, # 28 Donna Bennett CSE 1101 Sec. 110 December 1, 2010 Journal Entry # 13 In this activity, you’ll explore how you could improve your present self management system. By becoming more effective and efficient in the use of time, you’ll complete a greater number of important actions and maximize your chances of attaining your goals and dreams. 1.

Write about the system (or lack of system) that you presently use to decide what you will do each day. There is no “wrong” answer, so don’t let your Inner Critic or Inner Defender get involved.Consider questions such as how you know what homework to do, when to prepare for tests, what classes to attend, and what instructor conferences to go to. How do you track what you need to do in other roles, such as your social or work life? Why do you currently use this approach? How well is your system working (giving examples wherever possible)? How do you feel while using this approach to self-management (e.

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g. , stressed, calm, energized, frantic, etc. )? I know what homework to do by following the syllabus and writing down all homework assignments.

I prepare for tests according to the syllabus as a guide line along with attending class on a regular basis. On Sunday’s, during football season, I watch Pro football with my friends. On Saturday’s I do chores, laundry, errands, and grocery shopping. On Friday, is usually saved for doctor appointments and I keep track of all this on a Master Schedule. 2. Write about how you could use or adapt the three self-management tools in this chapter to create a leak-proof self-management system and improve your outcomes and experiences.

Or, if you do not want to use or adapt any of these tools, explain why.Consider the monthly calendar, the next actions list, and the tracking form. How might you use them separately or in combination? How could you use computers or other technology in your self-management approach? How might you use written self-management tools not mentioned here that you may know about? In short, invent your own system for managing your choices that you think will maximize the quality of your outcomes and experiences. Should you need them, copies of a monthly calendar, a next actions list, and tracking form can be found on the Internet at www. cengage. om/sucess/Downing/OnCourseSS.

I have kept a Master Schedule along with my calendar for years and this works well for me. I also have little notebooks I keep lists and things to get done for the week in there. I post V. I. P. appointments such as my doctor appointments.

and things needed from the store, etc…, on my refrigerator where I can see them and be reminded of them each time I go to the fridge. Donna Bennett CSE 1101 Sec. 110 December 1, 2010 Journal Entry # 20 In this activity, you recall times in your life when you were off course and took effective actions to get back on course.Everyone gets off course at times, but only those who are self-aware can consistently make positive changes to improve their lives. 1.

Write about a time when you made a positive change in your life. Examples include ending an unhealthy relationship, entering college years after high school, changing careers, stopping an addiction, choosing to be more assertive, or changing a negative belief you held about yourself, other people, or the world. Dive deep in your journal entry by asking and answering questions such as the following: In what area of my life was I off course? * What choices had I made to get off course? * What changes did I make to get back on course? * What challenges did I face while making this change? * What personal strengths helped me make this change? * What benefits did Inexperience as a result of my change? * If I hadn’t made this change, what would my life be like? I was in a very unhealthy relationship with my husband who was violently abusive. After three and a half years I had enough, and left with my young son, whom at that time was three years old.

I faced homelessness, fear of my life and my child’s life, because I was finally brave enough to leave him. I knew at this point that if I didn’t get out my son and I would have been killed. As a result I saved my life, my son’s life, and my husband’s life so he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life in prison. This choice which was not easy, to make and was a very scary decision but turned out to be the right choice. Even though my husband and I no longer communicate my son has a great relationship with his father and his family today. 2.Write about an area of your life in which you are off course today. If you need help in identifying an area, review your desired outcomes and experiences from Journal Entry 8 and your goals and dreams from Journal entry 9.

Explain which area of your life is furthest from the way you would like it to be. What choices have you made that got you off course? What will be the effect on your life if you continue to stay off course? The fact that you’ve made positive changes in the past is a good reminder that you have the personal strengths to make similar changes whenever you wish.All you need is the awareness that you’re off course and the motivation to make new choices. I am on the right course in my education I think. Sometimes it just seems like I am going to be in a community college forever, and it is so far to my next goal which is the university. I just need to be patient is all because I can only do so many courses in a term without over loading myself academically and physically. If I try to accomplish too much at once I could be setting myself up to fail. So I will continue on this course one term at a time and be successful each term.

Donna BennettCSE 1101 Sec. 110 December 1, 2010 Journal Entry # 24 In this activity, you’ll apply what you have learned about your preferred ways of learning to improve your results in a challenging course. 1. Write about the most challenging course you are taking this semester. Using what you just learned about how you prefer to learn, explain why the course may be difficult for you: Consider the subject matter, the teaching methods of the instructor, the textbook, and any other factors that may contribute to making this course difficult for someone with your preferred ways of learning. If you are not taking a challenging course this semester, write about the most challenging course you have taken any time in your education. ) I think my most challenging subject is History this term.

I like History but some of the things that happened in the 15th and 16th century in European History can get a little dry. You have to concentrate and try not to let yourself daydream when the instructor is lecturing. The textbook is also kind a dry until we will hit the American History. Our course started with European History and we will finish up at the end with American History.I would probably do better if it was Math which I am pretty good at and I like figuring out solutions to math problems. 2. Using what you now know about the way you prefer to learn, write about choices you can make that will help you learn this challenging subject more easily.

Refer to pages 273-274 for possible choices. By choosing different ways of learning in a challenging course, you can avoid the excusing, blaming, and complaining of a Victim and apply the solution-oriented approach of a Creator. I read my history even if it doesn’t interest me much. Being a special service student I am allowed to tape the lectures so that is a big help.I read all the extra books for my course that was required like: 1984 by George Orwell, Communism by Carl Marx and Engels, and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. I am in the process of working on my I am allowed to tape my lecture classes, which is a big help book reports and midterm which is also an essay on the French European War.

I completed my 1984 book report and received a 95 (an A. ) Donna Bennett CSE 1101 Sec. 110 December 1, 2010 Journal Entry # 28 In this activity, you will explore your ability to understand your own emotions and recognize them as they are occurring.This ability is the foundation for all other emotional intelligence skills.

1. Write about an experience when you felt one of the following emotions: FRUSTRATION or ANGER, FEAR or ANXIETY, SADNESS or DEPRESSION. Describe fully what happened and your emotional reaction. Because emotions are difficult to describe, you may want to try a comparison like this: Anger spread through me like a fire in a pile of dry hay… or I trembled in fear as though I was the next person to stand before a firing squad or for weeks, depression wrapped me in a profound darkness.

Of course, create your own comparison.Your journal entry might begin; Last week was one to the most frustrating times of my entire life. It all began when… Most important, be aware of any emotions that you may feel as you are writing.

After I left my husband, I felt like my whole life was a big, dark, black hole trying to close completely over me. Part of my depression, my fears, and my sadness was that even though my husband was abusive, I felt like I had been a complete failure in my life. This brings up triggers even as I am writing this and the main emotion is still the sadness of being a failure with my life.At the same time I am happy and content then I have ever been in my life. 2. Write about an experience when you felt HAPPINESS or JOY. Once again, describe fully what happened and your emotional reaction. A possible comparison: Joy bubbled like champagne in my soul, and I laughed uncontrollably.

Most important, be aware of any emotions that you may feel as you are writing. I feel happy and warm inside that makes me almost giddy, because so I am so happy. Moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico has improved and helped me to achieve this position in life.

I love my studio which is all mine, I have lots of friends at school and in my complex and I am quite content and happy here. I am a good college student and love school very much. 3. Write about any emotional changes you experienced as you described each of these two emotions. What did you learn or relearn about how you can affect your emotions? If you weren’t of any changes in present emotions as you described past emotions, see if you can explain why. Were you not experiencing any emotions at all?Or could you have been unaware of the emotions you were feeling? I was feeling really good with question 2 because I have come a long way. I plan to finish college even if I am old and in a wheel chair when I graduate.

Writing this makes me happy. In the first one it was sadness, but not sadness like depression sadness like when my marriage first fell apart. I have changed my life in the aspect that I look on the positive side instead of on the negative, happy instead of sad, satisfied instead of unsatisfied, and proud of myself with all that I have accomplished.