Cuban “LGBTI Travel Information.” 3 Michael K. Lavers,

Cuban attitudes
towards LGBTQI individuals: While local attitudes in Havana have become increasingly accepting
of the LGBTQI community, Cuban public opinion in general remains
conservative, especially in rural areas. 1  If members of Unity Coalition wish to travel outside of Havana, same-sex
couples should exercise more caution in displaying
affection.  Within Havana, if visiting
local LGBTQI resorts, clubs, restaurants, or bars, be aware these businesses
are often segregated and attitudes in surrounding areas tend be much
less accepting. 2  There have
been reports of state police personnel either directly harassing or being
complicit in public harassment of same-sex couples.3
The likelihood of harassment may increase if police or military personnel
believe one or more of the individuals involved are members of a political
opposition or are involved with operations independent of the Cuban
government.  Police have been known to
violate procedural laws with impunity in such situations.4  Moreover, Unity Coalition members should be wary of “new
friends,” as criminals have been known to target or extort LGBTQI visitors.5 

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