Cultural and media policy Essay

What is “ National Culture ” ?

Does it alter overtime, and if so, how?

The national civilization becomes a really of import plus to maintain and taking attention of, by the citizens in its state itself. Basically based on the research provided, civilization can be defined as a cumulative system about cognition, beliefs, experiences, attitudes, significance, background, and faiths.

Every state has its ain civilization, which makes its state has its ain singularity and features. Besides that the national civilization besides becomes an of import portion for every state to taking attention of, so we can give it to the other coevals. When we talk about the national civilization in Malaysia, the people in its state were perfectly really blessed to hold a batch of civilizations, it can be seen from the different types of faiths, races or ethnics, and background ; therefore, all of it are forms into one of the national civilization or in Malay linguistic communication normally called as a“ Kebudayaan Malaysia ”.Based on the research, the Malaysians civilization have been run intoing and blending since the really beginning of the history of Malaysia until today.

It ‘s been more than 50 100s old ages a go the Malaysians are welcoming and merchandising the new civilization from China and India to be accepted in here. Basically there are many facets, including the media, which are playing an of import function to develop and present the Malaysians national civilization to the local citizens and the universe broad states, even though the media besides become the chief ground why the national civilization can be change over the clip. Subsequently on, I will explicate in inside informations more about the national civilization in Malaysia, which can be seen from the society, linguistic communication, and cuisine point of position. Furthermore, I will besides discourse in inside informations in either the national civilization could be changed by utilizing more specific ground and illustrations provided.Malaysia is a state which has a population of about to make 2.8 million in this 2010 ( based on the Department of statistic and economic planning unit Malaysia ) . When we talk about the categorization of the society, Michael Pinches on his book has stated that, “ Malaya shows an remarkably balanced cultural construction made up of two dominant groups ; the autochthonal groups orbumiputra, and the immigrant groups for Chinese and Indian citizens ” ( 1999-113 ) .

In Malayan society, fundamentally there are three sort of chief ethnicity which consist of the Malayans who are Muslims and a form bulk of the races, with 65.1 per centum of the per centum ; Chinese who are largely Buddhist and Christian with 26.6 per centum ; and in conclusion is Indian who are chiefly Hindu ‘s and Christian with 7.7 per centum. As for the last percent per centum of Malaysians citizens are consists of the population which includes the Eurasians and the group of people from Sabah and Sarawak which are located in North of Borneo ( ) .

These sorts of differences and races have brought their ain traditions and imposts, which are surely gives and convey Malaysia more into a colourful heritage.Language is really of import in a communicating and to acquire the information. This sort of system is really interesting to larn because it has a different sort of linguistic communication from every state. The Malaysians linguistic communication is normally called as aBahasa MelayuorBahasa Malaysia.

Based on the historical civilization of Malaysia, the Malay linguistic communication becomes the official linguistic communication of Malaysia since 1967. Since so, the bulks of Malaysians nowadays knows and larn on how to talkBahasa Melayu, it besides has brought all the races in Malaysia more closely and bridging the spread of linguistic communication between each of them. Furthermore, based on the research English linguistic communication besides becomes one of the most of import linguistic communications and normally spoken in Malaysia. In early yearss during the British colonialism, the English linguistic communication that clip go the administrative linguistic communication of British and it has brought to give more development to this state. Besides the two linguistic communications being used, the Chinese citizens in Malaysia are still speaks with their ain linguistic communication, such as Hokkien, Cantonese, and besides Mandarin. As for Indian citizens, most of them are speaks Tamil, besides can non to be forgotten the other citizens of Malaysia are besides speaks withBahasa Melayublend up with their ain idioms, such as in Sabah and Sarawak. Based on my understanding about the Malayan civilization, media in here are besides playing an of import function to keeping and advancing each of its linguistic communication or what we called asMultilingualismthrough some plans and information ‘s in either telecasting or newspaper by utilizing Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English linguistic communication.

By making so, this becomes an chance for all Malaysians citizens to larn on how to talk the other linguistic communication ; it besides go its ain features and singularity from Malaysia because the communities still can populate together and comparatively harmony, although there are holding a racial differences between each of them.When we talk about the culinary art, Malaysia is one of the states which really celebrated with their nutrient. Basically, the mixture of the races who lives together in Malaysia truly gives a batch of chances and advantages for this state, including their nutrient.

By utilizing the mixture of Malay, Chinese, and Indians civilization, it certainly gives a unambiguously and a new perfect combination. Rice and noodles are ever become the figure one and the chief nutrient ingredients in Malaysia, these are the two types of nutrient that largely consumed by the citizens. The well-knownnasi lemakandteh tarik( Pulled Tea ) besides become the most favourites in this state. Largely the Malays tend to wish some Sweet and spicy dishes, such asSambal, to be consumed together with their chief dishes.

Furthermore, the Indian citizens are besides holding their ain manner to consumed ; the influence can be seen from the culinary art such as by eating staff of life nan, capati, puris mix up together with the curry, one of the celebrated Indian culinary arts. Although the Malaysians cuisine today largely comprises with Malays, Chinese, and Indians nutrient, but still, this state have a regulation provided by the Malaysians Government stated that all Malaysians Muslim are prohibited by eating porc and imbibe intoxicant, which are the most favourite dishes and drink among the Chinese citizens.Based on Terry Flew ( 1995-76 ) has stated that, “ Television as a cultural engineering has the capacity to advance the local civilization and a typical national individuality. ” Television is one of the best media communications which is playing as an of import function in order to advance the state and it ‘s cultural to the local people and the universe broad. There are certain plans in Malaysia tends to advance the new endowments locally and internationally, such as by fall ining the Malayan Idol and Akademi Fantasia, and it seems has having a batch of attending from Malaysians citizens and the media in every seasons of the show. Furthermore, some of the Malayan wireless broadcasters “ RTM1 ” and “ RTM2 ” channels are besides advancing the local contents of humanistic disciplines ; fundamentally the plans are more into the Malaysians civilization for illustration by demoing the classical vocalizing plans to guarantee that all of the citizens would ne’er bury their ain traditional civilization even though the state presents are acquiring more influences by the Westernization civilization.Dennis O’Neil has stated that, “ All civilizations change through the clip, no civilization is statistic ” ( 1997 ) . Based on my apprehension in relation to the survey of civilization, it is possible for the national civilization to be changed following the modernisation epoch, non merely it happens in Malaysia but besides other states around the universe.

It can be said so because the media communicating, particularly the telecasting, does gives a large influence of these alterations. John Fiske ( 1987-224 ) besides has stated that, “ Whatever the contention about telecasting ‘s function in our civilization, there is no uncertainty that people enjoy it, and that watching it is a major beginning of pleasance in our lives. ” The consequence of the media telecasting is really influential to the life of the society today. We can non deny that telecasting is the media communicating that is holding the highest evaluations of the viewing audiences in every twenty-four hours life ; it besides makes telecasting go the most powerful media communications around the public life recently.Harmonizing to Terry Flew ( 1995-76 ) has argued that, “ Television can play either a positive or negative function in the development of national civilization. ” Basically when we talk about the positive function of the telecasting, it is extremely good to develop and advance the national civilization, by distributing the information and cognition to the local citizens and international states, through some world Television and telecasting plans. However, we can non deny that telecasting besides has given some negative effects to the viewing audiences in the relation of the cultural changing. Based on my ain position, telecasting presents tend to direct the image on how to be more westernize to Malaysians citizens, particularly to adolescents.

Based on the facts provided, most of the Television channels presents are demoing some sexy picture cartridge holders by celebrated creative person. So, by this point of position besides most of the society nowadays likes to larn something new, the influence besides has brought up adolescents ideas that the manner of dressing is the most of import thing from others. Even though the local telecastings in Malaya are still demoing and advancing the local civilization, but the other Television channel are still demoing the international production, such as Tocopherol! Channel in largely demoing the life style of western adolescents, and Asiatic Food Channel ( AFC ) from Astro which largely demoing the western nutrient from many states.Furthermore, the Westernization civilization does play an of import function in the relation of the changing of Malaysians national civilization.

Basically, the impact of the globalisation epoch has given a batch of negative effects particularly towards the traditional civilization, and it besides does happened in Malaysia. There are some illustrations to depict on how the globalisation epoch could alter the national civilization of Malaysia to modernization epoch. First, the most obvious impact can be seen from the Malaysians national imposts which besides become another important portion of the civilization. Basically in footings of dressing, the citizens are holding their ain traditional which are chiefly to have on it in some particular juncture like in Hari Raya, Deepavali, and Chinese New Year.

Based on the research provided, the traditional costume for Malay citizens familiar to called as a Baju Kurung, as for the Chinese citizens they prefer to have on Cheongsam, and for the Indian traditional costume is called Saree. But in today ‘s society, it is barely to see the Malaysians are have oning the national apparels. Most of them, particularly adolescents, are prefers to have on the modern dressed up, such as armored combat vehicle top, jerseies, and denims.The 2nd bad impact doing the alterations of the Malaysian national civilization can be seen in a nutrient industry point of position. the Malaysians presents tend to acquire the fast nutrient eating house for their mundane repasts ; like KFC, Mc Donald ‘s, and Burger King ; compared to the traditional Malay, Chinese and Indians culinary arts like the celebrated nasi lemak and teh tarik. Last in footings of music and humanistic disciplines, it ‘s highly obvious to see that the Malaysians music today more focusing to the western music which normally plays by some several broadcast medium wireless in Malaysia like Hitz FM and Fly FM ; in order to pull more audiences who turns into westernize civilization presents.

Even though wireless is the most underestimated mass medium ” ( Craig, 9 ) , but we can non deny that this type of media communicating still can make a big of audience evaluations. Besides that, most of the Malay vocals are besides provided in English wordss. As in footings of humanistic disciplines, silat ( the elegant Malayan dance and the soldierly humanistic disciplines ) and some sorts of Malaysians traditional dances are no longer be in the society. Most of them, particularly adolescents, are prefer to larn the western dances such as “ break dance ” and “ shamble ” .Besides, telecasting has become the most powerful mass medium in the industrialised universe ( Craig, 7 ) ; the Westernization civilization has besides become the biggest impact of the cultural changing in Malaysia. It can non be uncertainty that the universe is altering follows the new epoch, so does Malaysia. Based on my sentiment, besides there is some negative effects because of the alterations of Malaysians national state, there is besides some positive effects can be seen from it.

It all depends with the Government and the remainder of society in Malaysia on how to pull off their national state in order non to lose and being replaced by the new civilization, because no affair what happened some alterations can still give a positive response and positive feedback for the state itself.