Cultural identity english paper Essay

My father plays the goblet drums and my mother plays both oblate drums and guitar, they play together a lot in the house. My grandmother plays piano and she helped me become interested in piano. My sister plays violin, piano, and sings opera too. In third grade began playing piano, and learned violin and guitar along the road. The importance of expression through music is passed down to every person in my family tree. My mother likes to go to drum circles on the beach and express herself through the drums.

After her drum circle session, my family will sit on the beach and listen to her and play the guitar. All of us sway and let the music o through us, my mother says being able to play on the beach is proving our freedom and the music flowing through us demonstrates how we express ourselves. My grandmother can not bring the piano out to the beach so her and I will sit in the house with all the windows open while the breeze flows in, and we play the piano.

Sometimes my family will sit on the couch beside the piano and let the piano music sooth each of them. Music is the ultimate way of expression in my family. Believe music and freedom of speech connect. Music is sharing emotion without words, in my family culture we monomaniac without use of words, rather with emotional expression through music. Music is also viewed as a celebration of freedom in my family; this is why we go in public to play our instruments. Kook forward to coming home each day to make music with my family and celebrate our freedom. In my culture my whole family is united and we all believe music is a symbol to American freedom. Playing instruments in public or with the windows open, expresses my families emotion with a sense of freedom. I value music, as does my family and without it expression would be very difficult.