Cultural Traditions Are the Backbone Essay

Its governments responsibility to ensure their major cities receive the financial support they need in order to thrive, but it cant be reason, that cities preserve and generate nation’s culture tradition.We can say that cities are business hub where as villages are cultural hub,but it also depends on country.In developed country like USA,UN near 80% of people live in city in that case we can say that culture is preserved in city.

In case of developing countries like India, Nepal in these countries near about 70 to 75 % of people live in villages.So, Its depend on country that cities are their cultural hub or villages, but it will not be fare if government is giving financial support on the basis of cultural traditions preservation.As cities have major business, industries its governments responsibility to provide good infrastructure in cities. Cities have dense population, so there should be all good facilities provided for peoples.cities help in development of country. Government should consider all these things while financing.

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In cities there are many people from different counties, states; and the try to preserve their tradition. because of this in many cities we can see, that it have its own culture which is mix form of local people’s,other state’s ; country’s people’s culture.It is influenced by many such cultures.

We have an example of Mumbai, in Mumbai there are many people from different part of India as well as word. From these different people Mumbai have discovered its own culture. Which is some what different from culture of ‘Maharashtra’,state in which Mumbai is.In villages there is less influence of other culture, they try to be original. Villages try to preserve culture.

Cities and villages are both mirror of nations tradition and culture. So It will be unfair if we finance cities on basis of preservation of culture.instead government should consider other aspects while financing.