Cultures and Values Essay

The value that people place on their love ones or materialistic objects, helps them build and construct their dignity and pride. Some people maintain this two elements by obtaining valuable items, their occupation, income and their positive relationship with their family. Viramma who is a mother of twelve and a midwife never let poverty get on her way on raising her children well. The type of condition that they live in does not hinder her ability to fight for what she believes in.

Her values are what keeps her dignity and pride intact. Even though the Pariahs or Harijans practice the same culture and belongs to the same social class, they do not have the same value that Viramma believe in. Viramma puts her children’s welfare above anything else. Her pride is her twelve children and raising them well, by feeding them three times and day and dressing them nicely to make them appear like a high-caste children.

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The respect that she receive from her community and helping pregnant women give birth to their children is what makes her feel worthy, which helps her maintain her dignity. Viramma’s world revolve around raising her children and helping pregnant women give birth to their children, while keeping them away from evil spirits. Favio’s culture does not really explain how he maintain his pride and dignity. What maintains his pride and dignity are his values towards caring for his siblings.

Even though Favio grew up in a harsh environment, it does not stop him from achieving his goal, which is to feed his siblings and to take care of them. Favio is respected by his siblings, even though they argue every single day. They follow what he tells them to do. The respect that he receives from his siblings maintains his dignity. Its give him satisfaction that his siblings respect him, by following his instructions. HIs pride is his achievement on keeping them alive, without the help of his parents.

The values that both characters place on their love ones maintain their pride and dignity. People who grew up in poverty, cannot rely on luxurious material to make them feel fulfilled. Instead they take great care of their love one and help them survive with the condition that they live in. Pride and dignity, especially in a caste system, where people does not have the ability to advance in life, helps them feel satisfied and and make them feel that they accomplish something in life.