Current Environmental Situation Essay

Essay Current environmental situation I have chosen the ecological theme, because nature and environment have a huge impact on people’s life. In my essay I want to discuss and observe different kinds of pollutions. Today is the 21 century and people who live in this time, are very dependent from industrial goods.

We can’t see our live without a lot of techniques, and the main thing is transport. Everyday each of us goes to school, university, work and etc.Millions of chimneys, cars, buses, trucks all over the world exhaust fumes and harmful substances into the atmosphere.

So, pollution is one of the most burning problems of nowadays. These poisoned substances pollute everything: air, land, water, birds and animals people. So, it is usually hard to breathe in the large cities where there are lots plants. Everything there is covered with soot and dirt. All these affect harmfully. Water pollution is serious, too. Ugly rivers of dirty water polluted with factory waste, poisoned fish are all-round us.And polluted air and poisoned water lead to the end of the civilization.

So, nowadays a lot of dead lands and lifeless areas have appeared. The reason is that, our actions and dealings can turn the land to a desert. Scientists now predict that by the year 2050 the population will be doubled what is today. The fact remains that the rate of food production fell behind population growth in many of developing countries. The annual fish catch already exceeds what the world‘s oceans can successfully sustain.If we go on using our natural recourses at today’s rates, we will have used up the intire reserves of cooper, natural gas and oil by the year 2054. But the problem ahead lie not so much in what we use but in what we waste. What faces us is not so much a recourse crisis as a pollution crisis.

So, people is need to create “Third nature” where we and our children will live. I don’t see a lot of positive aspects, but some I have. May be people will be compelled with this situation and create some new technologies, which help with these problems.