Current this, there is a systematic approach

globalization and the complex business environment are driving many companies
to think beyond profitability only. The domino effect of global impacts is driving
the future to be more dynamic and unpredictable than before.

Facts like permanent and dynamic factors in social, political and economic environment (Lou, 1999), Strong Contest (White and Frame, 2004), Rapid Technical Development (Baldwin & Lee, 2002), and change in price changes are there other risk companies have been emphasized to establish a strong risk management system. Due to the expansion of accounting fraud and organized corporate scandals, not only a collapse of large and reliable trusted government companies and only a shock for investors, professionals and even academics, but also in the traditional risk management and inevitable doubts control mechanism.Risk Management is a process through which the identity of the firms to measure, prioritize and mitigate the negative effects of uncertainty (Chancellor and Ward, 1997). According to this, there is a systematic approach to reduce risk management & the negative result of any particular trend. This approach can only be described as a threat from the bottom point. Risk protection can be an individual’s behavior, but it is impossible to avoid any kind of risk in business. The risk of opportunity related to opportunities. Therefore, companies must be very intelligent in organizing their risks, not only to benefit from their benefit but to survive in business. There is a risk of an impact on inspirational surfaces operating in order to reduce the cost of investment. The investment is intended to increase the number of opportunities in the world to finalize the concession of a non-profit concurrent development inefficiency involves entrusting the suppliers and other types of reinforced coins to significantly reduce the enthusiasm of action (Andersen, 2008). Traditionally there were two major ideas in the management of risk. Risk management is the management of negative effects. Rather than connected to it. The second approach is a free management of threats by risk rating in various slices (Lam, 2001 and David and Bradley, 2001). For example, an event’s incident may have a negative impact on one unit of a unit, but there is also an opportunity for another unit of this organization. However, management of traditional risks manages cure without considering the ineffective effect of the opportunity.Conventional Risk management, the result of dynamic demonstrations against the total risk management is likely to both turn down and exploit down (Miller and Waler, 2003). Therefore, in this sense, it is possible to define risk management as a systematic and practical way to understand, measure, estimate, and manage the entire risk that the company faced. Although the issue of risk management is an important issue among top-level corporate executives; this area has not been enough due to the complex complexity of risk management. There are very few experimental studies that have studied the company’s performance and risk management risk management, which depends on companies listed in the most developed stock markets (Jafari and al, 2011). Apart from that, most of the articles in the Focus
area of ??risk management examine the bend management by examining the risk
management effect only by measuring the effective way of different risk
management systems (Anderson, 2008). Instead of taking it as a source for
higher corporate performance, it can lead to self-management of risk itself.
Therefore, this experimental study has not been tested to contribute literature
to various economic climates.

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