Customer and Respect Essay

1. How would you operationally define the construct of respect? Take the perspective of each of the three client sectors: insurance, air travel, and retail. I would define respect as finding the way to treat the customer in appropriate way to keep them satisfied. More satisfied client, better profitably for the companies. Respect is a fundamental value underlying human relationships. Respect for customers is an essential ingredient of long-term performance. It means paying attention to the clients rather than being insensible, ignoring it, or avoiding or dismissing it.

Good leaders bring respect to the forefront for the good of the company, for their brand image and customer loyalty. They communicate the importance of respect, while at the same time staying aware of the potential risks and the complexities of demonstrating respect. Insurance companies – I have heard that insurance companies are the least trusted industries. For my opinion those companies should follow some initiatives. Commit to transparency in communications and to excellence in customer service.

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Unlock the value of your most important assets. Use communications tools to reach clients. The customers could makes claims, suggestion and see the fees and offers easily and fast. Air travel companies – The most common problem in air travel companies is the delay of airplanes and this specific situation increase the dissatisfaction in customers. To reduce the anxiety amongst passengers whose flights were cancelled the company may send email, text message, or voice mail to passengers if their flights are cancelled or is in delay.

Have a floor manager at the airport communicate to the customers at the airport so that they are aware of what’s going on. Follow with an excuse and any refunds or vouchers should be given to those customers. Retail companies – Retailers are better than other sectors when it comes to email responsiveness, but need to simplify their Web sites and be clearer with their information-sharing policies. Customers should have trust in the retail company and having an enjoyable experience. They also have to be informed about return policies.