Customer requirements are very compelling reasons when

Customer requirements are very compelling reasons when food industry players
make important decisions. Embarking in Global Food Safety (GFSI) Initiative
certifications, for instance, is certainly one of those motives; in both national
and international arenas. Food companies, therefore, face the need to research
the GFSI benchmarked standard(s) their customers want.


Food Safety certification options in
the realm of food distribution seems to be limited today. (Crandall, Mauromoustakos, O’Bryan,
Thompson, Yiannas, Bridges and Francois,
2017).  Bogadi, Banovi? and Babi? (2016) also note that despite
the similarities among them, they have some differences that can make it
difficult to know which certification scheme is appropriate to implement.


Furthermore, company-specific
problems and business needs can have a big impact on the identification and
implementation of a GFSI standard. In fact, choosing which GFSI benchmarked standard an enterprise
should incorporate can become hard-going endeavor.


That being the case, the author has considered a Consultative Report
for the food distributor for whom he works. Such enterprise has 24,000
employees, over 70 distribution centers across the U.S., and multiple foodservice
and grocery offices. Recently the company decided to embark in GFSI
certifications in 2018.

Just in the foodservice division, the business serves 36,000
restaurant locations across the U.S through 49 strategically located
distribution centers; and exports to 52 countries around the globe.  The author considers his employer to be an
industry leader. Similarly, his company looks forward to soon engaging in the
continuous improvement culture through either SQF, BRC, IFS or the like.

This Consultative Report category would offer the author
the opportunity to address the dilemma his company is encountering in deciding
the right fit for a GFSI standard. He will need to work closely with a faculty
advisor and company management. Also, he will eventually have to perform the
consultation for the company and write recommendations.