Customer truth. The influence of attractive and

Customer experience is a chief
contributor to a thriving retail business. Market experts at Zedpack, a leading
packaging solutions provider, believe that it is almost impossible for retail
businesses to flourish without providing an adequate customer satisfaction and

However, customer experience and
satisfaction is not limited to the closed environment of your store. When the
customers walk out of that exit door, the experience walks with them. And
believe it or not, customers serve as more lively (and hence, more credible)
advertisements as compared to the paid advertisement campaigns.

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Now, the question arises: How to
turn these ‘livelier and more credible’ advertisements to the benefit of your
retail business? According to experts at Zedpack, customer satisfaction and
experience play an important role in forming the customers’ opinion about your
retail chain, and customized shopping bags are a great tool for building a
positive perception.

Several consumer surveys show
that shopping bags tend to have a great influence over the perception as well
as buying decisions. Wondering how? Well, the answer is quite simple. Consumers
continue to judge a book by its cover, regardless of how much the age-old
platitude is preached. It may sound outright infuriating and against all logic
in the world, but that’s the irony of the bitter truth.

The influence of attractive and
eye-catching shopping bags and packaging is just one of the many wonders good
packaging is capable of. The list is long and unfathomable. However, some of
the primary benefits include:

personal touch

Shopping bags
are just as important as the product. A color palette, material and imprint of
your choice provide your shopping bags with a personal touch. The bag is directly
associated with your retail business, and hence is able to work wonders
building a positive public perception.


2.       Walking billboards

According to
market experts at Zedpack, eye-catching shopping bags and packaging actually
serves as walking billboards for retail business. Hand out a customized
shopping bag to your customers, and it surely will publicize your business
among a chain of people.


3.       Operational efficiency

Believe it or
not, but shopping bags also give a glimpse of your excellent operational
efficiency to your customers. How? First, they are easy to store since take up
minimal storage space. They can easily be tucked up anywhere for easy packaging
of purchase. The customer service representatives can easily open and pack goods
in a shopping bag, and save some precious time during each purchase. Faster
checkouts = happier customers.


Industry experts at Zedpack are
of the opinion that customized shopping bags and packaging hold endless
possibilities for the growth of a retail business. “Customized shopping bags
are no ordinary bags. They are statement pieces. And just like the fashion
industry, shopping bag and packaging industry also has its own changing
trends,” quipped Zedpack CEO Preeti Sabharwal.

According to Ms. Sabharwal, 2018
will bring about great changes in the current design trends of customized
shopping bags and packaging. “As millenials take over the world by storm, they
are changing the existing dynamics of every industry. A lot of things which
were ‘in’ during 2017 will be shown the door by new, emerging designs,” she
further elaborated.

2018 will see over-cluttered
designs, small typography, familiar packaging and loud, hyper-masculine designs
becoming passé. Industry experts predict the New Year to be more favorable to
simple, minimalistic and elegant designs. Soothing pastel shades and soft
edges, often stereotyped as ‘feminine’, will be seen trending in 2018, suggests

Attractive retail packaging holds
great power over customers’ minds. An otherwise ‘meh’ shopping experience can
easily be turned into a real ‘yay’ experience with the help of this powerful
tool. Providing your customers with ‘wow’ packaging is bound to reward you with
‘wow’ sales.

Experts at Zedpack believe that an
investment in designer shopping is in turn an investment in the continued
marketing for your retail business. Shopping bags and packaging materials are
the only things that leave with the customers (apart from the goods they
purchased) once they exit your store. The journey of a shopping bag, once out
of the store, guarantees brand exposure in an unprecedented way.

The bottom line: Your packaging
and shopping bags are most than mere transportation tools. A small investment
in customized packaging solutions is a sure-shot way to cut down on marketing
expenditures, while building positive perception about your business among your