Cyber Crime Research Paper Essay

Cybercafé can be committed by many people e like computer geeks looking for bragging rights to businesses trying to gain an upper hand n the marketplace by hacking competitor websites, Rings Of criminals wanting to steal your peers Anal information ND sell it on black markets, or spies and terrorists looking to rob our nation o f vital information or to launch cyber strikes(Computer Intrusions). Cybercafé can be used man y ways. The two main cause of cybercafé are identity theft and internet stalking.

Cybercafé I s very bad and and can hurt many people physically and mentally, people need to be more aware of the ways to get around cybercafé. Identity theft is one of the main cause of cybercafé. Identity theft, also know as ID theft is a crime in which a criminal obtains key pieces of personal information, such s social sec ritzy numbers or driver’s license numbers, to pose as someone else(Argali). There are many kinds of identity theft.

There is Criminal identity theft(posing as another person when apprehended for a crime), Financial Identity theft(using another identity to obtain credit, goods and services), Identity cloning(using another information to assume his or her identity in d ally life),Medical identity theft(using another identity to obtain medical care or drugs), and Chi Id identity theft(Wisped). Many people out in the worlds try to steal peoples wallets, p hone, purses and there belongings in plain site or while you are away from your belongings, But what are people trying to steal from you on the internet.

Identity thefts on the internet can be stealing many of things. They can be taking bank accounts, credit card numbers, or anything el SE that is someone personal information. Identity theft is bad and shouldn’t be committed. There are many ways of obtaining this information. People will rummage through rubbish for persona information(dumpster diving), Retrieve personal data from redundant IT queue moment and storage media including mobile phones, USB memory sticks and ha rd drives that eave been disposed of carelessly. They are many more ways to also do this.

Identity theft is bad because it can cause many people harm. The victims of id entity theft can suffer from adverse consequences if they are held responsible for the per poetasters actions(Wisped). They could be sent to jail, prison or if it is really that bad the eye could die over identity theft. If you were associated in takeover identity theft, than the impose term just used stolen information to gain access to the persons existing accounts(Argali). If you were e associated in true name identity theft then the imposter used personal information to open ewe accounts( Argali).

The imposter might open a new credit card account, phone account, e etc. Some may however say that Identity theft is good, and they would be right. Old is good for the government, police and FBI. They could use identity theft to ca itch a imposter causing a lot of harm. They could use it to take down another country that is doing ours harm. They could even make themselves look like a identity theft to see what other are planning. This could help stop it and save many people lives, money, homes, families and m mainly their identities.

Cabinetmaking in the second biggest cause of internet crime. Cabinetmaking is t he use of internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group, or organization(Wisped). A number of key factors are in cabinetmaking: False AC accusations, Attempts to gather information about victim, monitoring their targets online a activities, encouraging others to harass the victim, false factorization, attacks on data a ND equipment, ordering goods and services, and arranging to meet.

It is so easy to accomplish h cabinetmaking with all of the social media sites today like Faceable, Twitter, Namespace, etc. The ere are many types of cabinetmaking. There is Stalking by strangers which means the cyber alike could be a stranger or someone who has had a former/ present relationship with the victim. There is Gender based stalking which is harassment and stalking based on the victims gender.

There are many motives for cyber stalkers; Envy, pathological obsession, unemployment or FAA lure with own job or life, intention to intimidate and cause other to feel inferior, the stalker is De allusion and believes he/ she knows the target, the stalker wants to instill fear in a person to justify his/ her status,believe they can get away anonymity, intimidation for financial advantage e or business competition, and revenge over perceived or imagined rejection. ( Wisped). T here are four types of cyber stalkers. Vindictive cyber stalkers are noted for the ferocity of t heir attacks.

Composed cyber stalkers are just there to annoy. An intimate cyber stalker tat empty to form a relationship with the victim but turns on them if rebuffed. A collective cyber SST alike have a motive. Cyber stalkers find their victims by using search engines, online forum s, bulletin and discussion boards, and online chat rooms. Cabinetmaking is bad because any victim could be abused, raped or even killed Any victim of this could maybe even kill themselves or abuse themselves. Cyberspace King could even cause depression if it bad enough. If there was a teenage girl talking to a strain gear. Hey could ask to meet up or something. Then she could be raped or abused. If the stalker w anted they could find out where you live and come abuse you or hurt you. The stalker doesn’t e even have to come to you. They could say things over the internet that make you feel uncomfortable blew or even guilty. They could make you feel like you caused something or did something and you u could kill yourself. Cabinetmaking could also be good for the government, FBI, or police. They cool d use it to find other cabinetmakers. They could use it to pretend to be someone of a differ rent country or someone who is causing harm to our nation.

They could request a meet up a ND pose as someone of their country. There are many other types of cyber crimes. There is taximeter fraud. There h eave been many cases of taxpayers. Textural is when someone uses someone else’s did entity to claim false taxes. There was a case where someone had used five thousand social security y cards to claim over fourteen million in taxes from deceased people. Tax fraud can be a Dan serous thing. If you had bad credit and get money back from taxes and someone steals it. You mi get not be able to pay bills, or pay for anything else that is need.

Another cybercafé is hacking. T his is a type of crime wherein a person’s computer is broken into so that his personal or sense dive information can be accessed. In the United States, hacking is classified as a felony and pun Isabel as such. This is different from ethical hacking which many organizations use to check t heir Internet security protection. In hacking, the criminal uses a variety of software to enter person’s computer and the person may not be aware that his computer is being access De from a remote location. Malicious software is another form of cyber crime.

Malicious Software is another form of cyber crime. These are Interested software or programs that are used t o disrupt a network. The software is used to gain access to a system to steal sensitive information or data or causing damage to software present in the system. Another thing people will do for icy berries is use computers to transfer drugs and weapons to other people. There are so man y more crimes that aren’t really big in detail and you don’t see them every day. Cybercafé has become a really big deal for today’s society. If you are not care full around it, it can be very dangerous.

You could lose everything, from bank accounts to your family. There are many people that are capable of committing cybercafés. You just have to be aware that it’s out there. Many people don’t take it seriously, when they should. There e are many ways to avoid cybercafés. Your Password’s understandable that you want your passwords to be easy t o remember, but that’s putting your computer and possibly your finances at risk. Password s should be at least eight characters; include a combination of numbers, letters and symbols; and not be words related to you.

Instead, use a memory device. See the first letter of each word and include a date. “Erick was born in Chicago in 1998. ” This might make your password “Pubic 1998$” (add a symbol of your choice at the end). Hackers have entered the most secured we ibises by exploiting people’s weak passwords. Keep It Saffron’s allow others to access your password protected sites with UT you being present. After he or she does, change your password. Even the most we II meaning person an accidentally make you the victim of a cybernetics if his or her computer is infected.

Go Low Technology have a spreadsheet of passwords or other digital files that are highly sensitive, consider keeping them on an old computer not connected to the Into rent. If you don’t have an extra computer, encrypt the files using one of the many free file NCR waypoint tools. Two Pleasanter layer of protection could involve keeping the files in two actions. Copy the encrypted files to a DVD or flash drive and give it to a trusted family member or friend. If your computer is infected by a virus and temporarily unusable, those lies are still available to you.

Stay out of Bad Neighborhoods know that some actions put us at greater r sis of being victims of a crime. The Internet is the same way. Going to hacker sites, v Ewing adult content or going to sites that you know are scams put you at higher risk for a cybernetics than staying with more trusted sites. Don’t Fall for Uplift an email or popup window asks you to enter your users name or password, don’t do it. Instead, open your browser and go to the site directly. I f you’re still not convinced, call the company. Reputable companies will never ask you for your login information through an email.