Data: about patterns or context. Information: Any

Data: Facts that relay on something specific which are not in an organized way and without any further information about patterns or context.


Information: Any data can be converted into information while it was contextualized, categorized, and calculated. Generally information is found in answers while questions begin with  words like who, what, where, when, and how many etc.

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 Knowledge: An organization needs which says how to promote a culture ,how to make the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time ,  how to best generate or acquire new relevant procedures and how to manage all of these factors in short term opportunities and threats is known as knowledge.


It is important to understand how these relationships between data, information and knowledge work. Every day, all around us technology is being used. Computers, phones, televisions and even our home appliances are using various forms of technology. Understanding how these devices work, even in a general sense, helps us to use them better or make better decisions about which devices to buy and use. It is also important to know how our information can be submitted across technology. We do not want important, personal information leaked out to the wrong people. Identity theft is real and can happen in any instant. Understanding data and how it gets transferred can help to protect us from identity theft.

In an organization understanding the relationship between data, information and knowledge is extremely important. As in the radiation monitoring business, it is important that data that is collected must be valid. Exposure to radiation is something that needs to be monitored closely.  Providing customers with the best and quickest information gives them a chance to know what precautions they may need to make. Obtaining the knowledge from data that is collected can help save customers data within an organization. Understanding how to obtain that knowledge is the responsibility of Information Technology department. It is important need to explain customers how an organization does it, so that they can feel safe using our products and knowing they are getting the correct information transmitted to them.