david beckham as brand ambassador

David Beckham(OBE) born on the 2nd May
1975 is a former English professional player. He started his club career with Manchester United at the age of 17 in
1992 where he won the FA Cup, UEFA league and Premier league title multiple
times. David Beckham in international football made his first appearance for
his home country in on September 1st, 1996 at the age of 21 and went
on to captain his team for 6 years. He played in three world cup championship
and two UEFA European Championship. He also played for Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris
Saint-German and Preston North End.

David Beckham has been nominated for various awards like the FIFA world
player of the year and Ballon d’Or. He has been named as one of the world
greatest living player and he was inducted into the British football hall of
fame. He is one of the highest paid football players in the world having earned
over 50million from 2012-2013. He is married to Victoria Beckham (former member
of the spice girls) and has four Children.

He is a global ambassador for sports and is generally regarded as a
British cultural icon.  He has a great
sense combined with his been a role model, world famous and this made him a
perfect fit when the Emporio Armani brand was shopping for a brand ambassador.
In 2007, David Beckham signed three-year deal with Giorgio Armani worth
20million dollars for the Emporio Armani underwear international billboard
campaigns to be used in major cities like Tokyo, Milan, London, New York,
Paris, Rome. he retired in May 2013 after actively playing for 20 years.



The Emporio Armani underwear brand plays on the
concept of Ethos and maximised the
consumers likability of David
Beckham as one of the most liked player from playing for England and Manchester
United in selecting him as a brand ambassador. He has been called a good role
model, an iconic world-famous player. He is also a family man who connects with
all the different groups of the society from the men to the women and this
increases his brand reach.

David Beckham is also a brand who signals trustworthiness and inspires
the consumers to believe in any brand he endorses. He was a footballer who was
trusted and made to captain his team both as a Captain for the national
football team but also for his club Manchester United.

Beckham possesses attractiveness which
also works well in favour of the brand. He is so physically attractive and
because of this he could connect well with both the male consumer who want to
look like him which includes dressing like him and the female consumers who
find him very good looking and want their male partners to be as close to him
as possible in dressing. They are the ones who are one of the target market for the Emporio Armani
underwear brand as they are the shoppers who will order the briefs as presents
for their partners