Dealing guardian angel. Make it easy and safe

Dealing with Bullies


Nowadays, bullying is commonplace and most of us have
experienced some sort of this vice. This problem is most prevalent among
children. Research has shown that many kids are struggling a lot with bullying
and it has adverse effects on the health of the child. Researchers have called
upon parents to intervene to help their children. The following tips will help
you as a parent to prepare your child to deal with bullying.

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to be the guardian angel. Make it easy and safe for the child to open
up on the ordeals he is going through and seek your guidance. Assure him
that his well-being is vital to you.Be conscious of your actions and words
as a parent. Some parents turn out to be the bully albeit
unconsciously. This is through constant use of negative statements on the
child which makes the kid feel wretched. This should be replaced by the
use of more kind words when giving correction and showing further
directions. Try to be positive.Converse on different types of
bullying. Your child maybe knows that being teased is the only type of
bullying. As a family, have time to talk about the other types such as
giggling and start masterminding answers on how to deal with bullying.
Highlight some of the preventive measures that can be taken.Organize for an event like a cookout
with your child’s friend at home. You can also invite the friend’s
family and then throughout the event have the chance to monitor their
character. If their traits seem unusual, it is the high time to let the child
know that this friend can’t be counted on.Take the responsibility of stopping
the bully sibling. Sometimes the bully happens to be in your house-the
other siblings. As a parent, it’s your duty to take the necessary
measures to solve and curb the further progress of bullying. And
always remind the sibling being bullied to feel free to report any
instance of bullying in the house.Always discipline your children
accordingly. Sometimes your children can be the bullies in the
neighborhood. When this happens it’s your duty to discipline them. Never
put up with bullying sins.Have some time together to discuss the
best ways to respond to bullying. Find solutions on how to halt and
curb bullying. Give the child the list of response phrases to use when
they are facing bullies.Take an in-depth review of
cyberbullying. Most children nowadays feel in less control and
uncomfortable about what is being conveyed online about them. So hold some
conversations with the kid so that she may feel secure to open up on what
has been stressful to her online and promise your help to teach her how to
deal with that.Take your time to study the recent
lingo in town. For example, CD9 means that the parents are around and
99 mean that the parents have left. Did you know that? Your child may be
using this tool to hide some behaviors that will cost his physical and
psychological health over time. Recall the Golden rule. “Do
unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Show your children the
essence of this rule by being a good role model worth to be emulated and
the importance of self-respect and respecting others. This combination
will help your child to avoid bullying or letting others be bullied in
their presence by sticking up for themselves and others against that

To stop children bullying is impossible but we can lessen
its prevalence by using preventive measures to curb it from escalation. These
tips discussed above if put into action will be of great importance to lessen
those detrimental effects of bullying on your child.