Dealing with Cultural Differences Essay

Dealing With Cultural Differences Native American Native Americans have respect of individual differences among people. Their expressions of this value include staying out of others’ affairs and verbalizing personal thoughts or opinions only when asked. In many cultures, it’s the man makes the decisions for the woman. They are very religious people who work also with tarot reading, and wicca/pagan things. How I would deals with a Native American is to treat them all with respect and treat all of my team members the same. I would encourage them to wear their native clothing of certain days of the week.I would give them the type of responsible as I would give the other members. I believe in treating all employees the same.

Muslim Faith The Muslim teachings of Quran emphasize mostly on the beliefs and an overview the acts, where it explains both beliefs and acts in details. Muslims believe that although there may be reservations in the Hadith, but Quran is free from all the mistakes and is infallible. Islam preaches that there is only one Supreme, Eternal, Infinite and Unparallel entity, Allah (God). The Muslim believes in the four books; the Torah (Moses), the Psalms (David), the Gospel (Jesus) and the Qur’an (Mohammad).Muslims also believe that all other books are alteration with time by its followers. Muslims believe that Quran is the only book which can never be distorted as God has himself taken the responsibility of its protection.

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Muslims have faith that after the end of the world, every human will be resurrected from the grave. They will be held accountable for whatever they have done in their lives. The day is known as the Day of Judgment. On this day, justice will be done to every individual soul. The innocent ones will stay in Heaven, whereas, the corrupted ones will go to hell. Divine creed is one of the main aspects of Islam.Believing in divine creed refers to predestination.

Muslims believe that unlike living beings, God is not limited to anything; even with time. Everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen is evident to Him. It is compulsory for every Muslim to pray five times a day at respective timings facing towards the direction of Mecca.

Every Muslim is required to fast during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset. Knowing of the cultural of the Muslim’s belief, I would respect their belief to the fullness by communicating with them so that I belief will not jeopardize their job.Knowing that they pray five times a day, I would ask them to give to me in writing their pray times if they interfere with their work. I would also brief the other employees on the Muslim belief so that they will have an understanding on why certain things are happening. An Individual Who is Confined to a Wheelchair Under Title I of the ADA, employers are not required to make existing facilities accessible until a particular applicant or employee with a disability needs an accommodation, and then the modifications should meet that individual’s work needs.

Employers do not have to make changes to provide access in places or facilities that will not be used by that individual for employment related activities or benefits (EEOC, 1992). People who use wheelchairs may need assistance with personal care while at work. Although an employer is not responsible for providing the personal care, an employer may be responsible for certain accommodations to enable an employee who uses a wheelchair to meet his/her personal care needs. People who use wheelchairs may encounter a variety of obstacles at their workstations depending on their limitations.People who use wheelchairs may encounter obstacles before reaching their workstations. Being in charge of my group I would allow him/her to have a personal assistance to assist with toileting, grooming, and eating. I would give him/her periodic breaks for repositioning, toileting, or grooming needs.

I would provide time off to take care of medical needs. I would provide access to office supplies and adjust the desk if the regular desk is uncomfortable. Have accessible route of travel from the parking lot to the build, restrooms, lunchroom, and break room. Retired MilitaryA retired military person is a person who has done 20 or more years in the military. They could have been to war which could bring different aspects to an organization. Military person with 20 or more years has leadership and manager experiences. A retired military person has done many other jobs that are not posted on their resume. A retired military person comes to an organization with benefits that are carrying over from the military.

They also have disabilities that keep them from doing certain types of works. How I would deal with a retired military male is with respect, knowing that he has served more than 20 to this country.I would value his opinion in certain aspects of group meeting. I would use his experiences that he bring from the military to help our group project be successful. The leadership experience that he bring to my group I would depend upon his leadership and guidance to help with our project. I would also be aware of his past history with the different wars that he has been in because he could have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which he could be receiving medication for. A Male Employee From Mexico Forty percent of Mexican-born men were employed in construction, extraction, or transportation occupations.

Mexican immigrant men were more likely to participate in the civilian labor force than foreign-born men overall. Men accounted for the majority of the Mexican-born population living in the United States. Three in five Mexican immigrants had no high school degree. In 2006, 60. 2 percent of the 8. 9 million Mexican-born adults age 25 and older had no high school diploma or the equivalent general education diploma (GED), compared to 32. 0 percent among the 30. 9 million foreign-born adults.

On the other end of the education continuum, only 5. 0 percent of Mexican immigrants had a bachelor’s or higher degree, compared to 26. percent among all foreign-born adults.

In 2006, nearly 75 percent of Mexican immigrants were limited in English proficient. About one in five Mexican immigrants were naturalized US citizens. How I would deal with a male employee from Mexico is with respect knowing that he doesn’t speak English very well. I would get him involved with the group project as much as possible. I would make sure that he is responsible for a part of the group project so that he would feel left out.

I have known from experience that Mexican males have a temper when they get frustrated or overwhelm which I would try to make the project fun for everyone