Dear Dora, argumentative Essay

Here are our thoughts regarding our decision to make you continue our schooling. When you make the choice to drop out of high school you jeopardize the chance of you being able to get a job. We understand that your main reasoning for wanting to drop out is that you would like to work more hours at work, but what if your job is not there anymore? You’re going to have a much harder time trying to keep your job especially if you are competing with someone with a degree or just a simple diploma.

Not sticking to school or trying to stay in school and trying to make good or decent grades shows a major lack in work ethic and responsibility; And honestly, who wants o hire someone without a basic education. We know you will have a hard time trying to stay in school and stay employed if you make this decision. “High school graduates are more likely to be employed, and to make higher taxable income and aid in job generations. ” (Put source here!! ) On the contrary though if you do decide to drop out and just get your G. E. D.

It will take you much longer and be much harder to continue your school, or go back and get a degree.On another note Many colleges will not want you because they will not think you will be able to do the work or are just coming or the exact same reason you went to high school (To please someone else or because someone else wants you to go). And even if colleges are willing to take you the types of classes you take will be a lot more limited and you may not even get to do what you actually want. “Among students, who do not graduate, twenty percent needs remedial courses in college and few earn college degrees but more than half of all jobs in the next decade require a college degree. All the evidence that we have given you points to many good reasons why you should stay in school; and even if nothing we have gave you makes you ant to stay in school; listen to this last pointed have, and it just might change your mind.

The main reason you want to drop out is because you are bored with school and want to work more hours, to make more money. Well; you are very mistaken about wanting to drop out so you will make more money, you will be making a lot less by dropping out. It does not matter how many hours you choose to work, you’re undeniably going to be making less; even less than someone working the same job as you.