Dear four years as I was her

Dear Admission Committee, I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation forDiana. I highly recommend Diana to your Global Undergraduate Exchange Program.

 I have known Diana for the past four years as I washer homeroom teacher since her studying in National Physics and Mathematicsschool, which is the best school of Kazakhstan. Students of our school have ahigh intelligence level. I have had an opportunity to observe that she is anoutstanding young girl in all respects. During the study at our school Dianaproves her excellent knowledge in all disciplines and became one of our beststudents.

She is very interested in Computer Science and she was awarded with diplomafrom XVI International Sakharov Readings with her “FindingMulti-Criteria Optimal Paths” project in Information and Communication Technologiessection. She successfully applies her analytical abilities and has a developedlogical mind, due to which she is able to concentrate on the right solution.The mathematics knowledge enables her to solve life problems promptly andpositively. She possesses a great potential to substantially increase herknowledge. As her homeroom teacher, I have seen exemplarydemonstrations of her talents. She is a very diligent student. Diana can solvenot only mathematical tasks, but also can find inventive solutions for socialissues. She is also extremely good in English language.

 Communicating enables her to express her ideas clearlyand respectfully. Also, it helps her to deal with conflicts with her own wishesor decisions. She is very sociable and openly expresses her opinion. She ispurposeful, responsible and respectable by her teachers and classmates. Dianawas the president of the School Council and made big contribution to school’ssocial life. She hasalways been engaged in organization of school events and was an excellentstudent with GPA 5.  Diana has “Miss Fizmat 2015”, “Pride of the School 2017” awards and she was a volunteer atthe eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth International Zhautykov Olympiad, which isheld every year in our National Physics and Mathematics School (NPhMS, Almaty)in January, and at the 2016 Education USA Kazakhstan Fall Fair in Almaty. Also,she volunteered at the International Exposition Astana EXPO-2017, 28thWinter Universiade 2017 in Almaty, and she was a part of Worldwide Dance forkindness 2015 flash mob.

Out of school time she trains in the gym, plays piano,dombra (Kazakh musical instrument), participates in guitar, vocal sections.  Diana has indomitable attitude to acquire newknowledge soon. She is smart, trainable and adaptable person who is what therapidly developed society needs.

Her adaptability displayed in developingsocial abilities in teamwork which is helpful to deal with conflicts andunprecedented events. Her attitude and curiosity toward her new experienceshould serve her and society well in her relations with different people indifferent countries.  I understand that Diana is applying to the UndergraduateExchange Program. I believe that Diana will show her best in your university. Ihave tremendous confidence in her and her ability to study the subjects she isinterested in to go on universe searches leading global progress.

If you haveany questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (MAIL).  Sincerely, Kabulova Nurbanu TargynovnaThe homeroom teacher and the head of Biologydepartment