Dear to shape her life in her own

Dear Priyoti, I want to let you know that I feel lucky for having you in my life for the last 17 years. You have always been a shy girl. But behind that girl, I could always see a confident, disciplined, and determined girl who strived to shape her life in her own terms. You’re 17 years old now, and you’re currently in one of the most crucial years of your life- the junior year of highschool. As you begin this new year of 2018, there are a few things that I would like for you to keep in mind. But before that, I want to remind you of something that I observed about you last year. As you know, 2017 was a crucial year for you. You have just moved from a small country-Bangladesh to the USA, the land of dreams. In order to come here, you sacrificed a lot, but most unfortunately, you had to leave your closest friends and family. Even though you left a lot, what you have brought with yourself is faith- faith in you, faith in your dreams. Even after coming here, you had to face a lot of challenges- be it having challenges to cope up with the new culture, the new curriculum, or even a new lifestyle, but still you have always kept faith in yourselves and never lost hope. Resolution- that is something new that I have discovered  in you. I believe that standing firm to your faith is something that you have done throughout your life, but it was in this year that this marvellous quality of yours was unveiled to me. Now that you are beginning a new year of your life, you have to remember one thing- faith in action creates success. Faith and initiative can surmount all barriers. Remember that your faith, your hope, and your endurance have no limits. You should always carry out your responsibilities and fulfil your promises with conviction and determination. While pursuing your dreams, you might have to face many failures. But never get upset over those failures. Always remember that from the ashes of your failure, you can seek out the gold of new possibilities. Courage and conviction can build new possibilities. So always stay courageous and confident. Take the best initiative and attain success. Never change yourself for anyone. Remember that the things you do when you know you are not being watched reflect your true personality. So always be watchful of your own behaviour. You should create your own future, command your own destiny, and take charge of your own life. Priyoti, no matter what happens in life, don’t abandon your responsibilities towards your family. No matter how busy you are, you should always save some time for your family. Treat your parents with the love and devotion they deserve. Take care of your family the same way they had cared for you all these years. Besides that, devote your talent, labor, wealth and time in the service of humanity. Remember whatever you devote in the service of humanity will bring your salvation. Your work should be such that in the face of death you can say, “Lord, I am ready.” Whoever was born must die. Therefore, fulfil your mission and die content.Priyoti, I know that you were born to do something great. And I know that you will prove yourself. Stay the same as you are now. Your life is valuable. So live long, happy, and strong. Stay young.I Love You