Dear this club until the date of my

Hiring Manager:


I’m writing to express my eagerness in
applying for the position of Client Service Representative at Royal Bank of
Canada. I am confident that my Business Administration degree along with my
experience working at Abbotsford Community Services has given me the required
skill set to properly qualify me for this position.

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I strongly believe that the skills and
knowledge that I have gained from working at Abbotsford Community Services has
prepared me well for jobs that involve client services. At Abbotsford Community
Services, I am responsible for 40 family files, I identify their needs,
understand and resolve their concerns, educate and assist them with a variety
of issues. I also further developed my teamwork skills; my teammates and I have
been responsible for organizing and executing a variety of outings and
activities for the children of the families we help.

Being independent in a young age taught me things like relying on myself. It
was a tough experience especially when my English was at a very low level.
However, it was a matter of time to learn English and I was very motivated and
ambitious to join a university here in Canada to finish my degree. I learned a
lot in the university, not only the Business side, but also a lot of life
skills. For example, working under pressure, planning skills, critical
thinking, and decision-making. In the university, I started up a social club and
I was the president of this club until the date of my graduation. I have
participated in many social club events in the University of the Fraser Valley.
The social club had board meetings and that is when we plan and organize


After looking over the posting of CSR I
am confident that I have the required ambition and motivation to join your
team. My extensive experience in working directly with clients, assisting them
with their concerns and advising them on their issues properly qualifies me for
this position.

I look forward to arranging an interview to further discuss how my
qualifications are ideal for this position.