Dear explore it with our family. I have

Dear Hazel,

You asked me about the best place I have visited in
India as you wanted to come here and explore it with our family. I have found
you the exact place you wanted. I stayed there for a week and got in love with
it. Do you want to know which place it is? Its name is Chikmanglur, so let me
explain its mesmerizing beauty.

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Chikmanglur is a beautiful town and gets its unique
name from the Kannada. (ikamargalairu) which means ‘younger daughter’s town.
Once you get here you will be lost in the fascinating climate. If you love
having coffee, then you can once try the coffee cultivated here with the fresh
coffee beans coming from the nearby towns of state Karnataka. It is a gorgeous
and a clean place and surprising being a small town its population recorded by
the census is one hundred eighteen thousand four ninety-eight of which
fifty-one percent of are female couple with, their average literacy rate is
seventy-two percent which is greater than the national average.


In the small district of Chikmanglur, are number of
places which can make anybody attracted to come here. Most of the tourists to
come from all over the world. Tourists come here to relax and enjoy the calm
environment and visit wonderful hill stations. Kuduremukh is one of the most
popular place visited by the tourists, and it’s meaning is ‘Horse faced’. It is
a mountain range in fact it is also name of a hill station near the mountains.
Earlier Kuduremukha was called as ‘Samseparvata’.


Another unique attraction situated in the northwest
region of Chikmanglur is the “Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary”. It is protected area
as there are tigers in the sanctuary. The sanctuary covers a very large area.
The highest peak of the sanctuary is called the “Hebbe Giri”. You can see
species of trees through the sanctuary namely rosewood, thorny bamboo, lumping
bamboo, kindal, Indian – Laurel, Indigo and also there are some rare species
including Teak, lylon oak and white oak.

The splendid Hebbe Falls are situated near the
well-known hill station Kemmangundi in Karnataka. These brilliant waterfalls
are present in huge coffee estate. One can reach there by walking or by a car.
If you want to take the full experience of the place, there is an option of
trekking. It is available but the difficulty is the leeches present of on the
path. In order to face these problems, the best solution is to book a
government approved jeep which will show you the private estate till the last
kilometre, after that you need to trek to the falls.


The highest peak of Karnataka lies in the Chandra
Dhrona hill ranges situated in the Western Chikmanglur. It has the height of
one thousand nine hundred thirteen meters above the sea level which therefore
makes it the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. By the South
Indian tourism, the Mullayanagiri is one of the best trekking places in South
India. One of the fascinating view of the sunset from the summit.


The visitors of Chikmanglur always say that the most
attractive factor of here is its peaceful climate. In the mountains there is a
temple named as the Sir Kondar Maswamy Temple is one of the most famous temple
in Tirupati. The temple is dedicated to lord Rama and incarnation of Vishnu
along with Sita and Laksham. The temple has the SubShrine for Anjaneya the
mount of lord Sri Rama.


Most of the families visit Chikmanglur in summer in
the summer vacation. This season starts in the month of March and ends in May.
In summers the maximum temperature goes up to 35 degrees. The most adviced
season to visit here by the visitors is the monsoon season which brings
greenery all over the town. It starts in June and continuous up till September
bringing heavy rains. The most favorable climate to enjoy here is winter, when
the town is covered with for, which starts in December and stretches till the
February end.

Besides the climate the tourists also loved the
food. The local cuisine here is the “Malandu cuisine” which is known for its richness
in spices. Many dishes with the special ingredient of south Indian the coconut,
are the local delicacy. The staple food of town is rice and fish curry. The
world famous banana chips, the Nendranger chips are the most favourite snacks
of the tourists.

I know how excited you are to come and see this
place in real life. Once you come at my house and then we will go for a trip
here with our families and enjoy. I would try to make this trip special for you.