Dear individual with outstanding organizational skills. As

Dear Admissions

It is a great pleasure to
recommend Shobita Cecilia Fernandez for admission to your masters program. I
have been associated with her for three years. I taught Shobita in my Product
Design and Development class and advised in projects that she had taken up in her
final year. She has a keen interest in project development and management. Her skills
and passion for the subject make her an ideal fit for your rigorous program.

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Shobita is a perceptive, quick
motivated and determined individual with outstanding organizational skills. As part
of her final year projects, she along with her teammate successfully completed an
ergonomically designed high heel that helps reduce medical risks; and redesigned
a fabrication plant layout with favourable results despite deadline pressure.

She’s an active, engaging
presence in class with a great sense of humour. Shobita’s the perfect person to
get a group project rolling, but she also knows how to sit back and let others
take the lead. Her cheerful nature and openness to feedback means she’s always
learning and growing as a learner, an impressive strength that will continue to
serve her well in college and beyond. She has actively taken part in college fests
as a part of the production design team. She has consistently demonstrated an
ability to rise to any challenge that she faces.

Shobita has my highest
recommendation for admission to your management program. Shobita’s endless
curiosity, combined with her willingness to take risks, leads me to believe
there will be no limit to her growth and achievements in college and beyond.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. N. S. Narahari

Professor & Head,

Department of Industrial Engineering &

RV College of Engineering


Phone:  +91 080

Mobile: +91 988 0311128

Personal E- Mail: [email protected]