Dear often involved in co-curricular activities. I

Dear Sir/Madam,

                                    I am very glad  to apply for Master in Electrical Engineering
for Hungarian Scholarship. I have completed my undergraduate studies in
Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology , Taxila
, with CGPA 3.37 out of 4.00. With four years of conscientious studies and more
than 1 year of job experience behind me , I am now versed in a broad range of
subjects related to this discipline . I was an active student among others
during my undergraduate studies , very often involved in co-curricular activities.
I did my final year project on Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) with
the group of three members in which I was made the group leader. While working
on this project I found strong motivation in myself towards graduate study and
research in Interlined Unified Power Quality Conditioner (IUPQC) which is
further advancement of UPQC.

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 At present, I am working with one of
multinational companies ” China state Construction Engineering Corporation” as
Electrical Engineer Since 2016. My major job responsibilities include ;
Installation of Fire Alarm system along with the planning and proper allocation
to available resources to achieve the smooth and efficient working of Fire
Alarm system . Along with these technical aspects I also learned practical
knowledge about building management system , integration of fire alarm system
with building management system (IBMS), Low voltage system and high voltage
including installation of HT and  LT Panel.

 A couple of reasons motivate me to apply for a
Master degree study in Electrical Engineering specially in the research of Interlined Unified Power Quality
Conditioner (IUPQC) . Firstly,  when
I attended my undergraduate study ,I often spend most of my work time on
reading and assimilating different journal and research topics about power
system. I demonstrated good understanding and grades in subjects related to
power system during my BSc Study.  Besides
this I have also worked on Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC). Therefore
, I strongly believe that my educational qualification and motive towards the
subject matter make me a suitable candidate for Hungarian Scholarship.

It is well known that in
Hungary there are number of best universities. My motto is to work in global
field identified with Electrical Engineering. Therefore , I would like to gain
theoretical and practical knowledge to manage the most innovative projects.
After completion of my master study, I hope I would have the capacity to
participate in my nation examine innovation to benefits its economy . Besides,
from my early age , I am highly interested to know the norms and culture of
Hungarian people.

I believe that I fulfil
all the criteria for Hungarian Scholarship and I am highly motivated on the
field of power system specially in the research of Interlined unified power
quality conditioner (IUPQC). I hope my application will receive favorable
consideration and I will be glad to take part in Hungarian Scholarship to
achieve my educational and future career goals.

Thank you for your time
to consider my application.

With best regards!

Muhammad Arbi