Dear though we became rich together and

Dear Torvald,It is me, Nora. As you know I left you a few days ago, and that is why I am sending this letter to you. I do not want any reply to this letter, or any other way of contact. I just hope that you accept and respect that it is over between us and that there is nothing that could change that: no money, no presents, just nothing. The reason why I am writing this letter is because in first instance I want you to know how I feel and I think the way I left you was not properly, because together we have gone through a lot and most of the times you were the ideal husband, but I think the both of us know that the last few days it did not go how it actually should have gone and I am kind of sorry for that, because the tension came from several sides.At the start of our marriage, I was so in love. I saw you as the ideal man, even though you were not the richest, I saw a bright future for us two. A nice family and become rich together. I thank god that both of this became reality and it is also a bit about our children that I write this letter because I think that they also deserve to know the reason why their mother suddenly went away and especially because they did not get much about the bad atmosphere the last times. Even though we became rich together and got a nice healthy, family, unfortunately, you were not the ideal husband for me, and this does not mean that you are a bad man or something like that, but I think that for me you were not exactly what I was searching. And I know that it is a bit strange that I come up with this after 8 years of marriage, but it is going on for a while already that I am not happy. After a few years, I started to see how you really were and started to see your other sides. I did not always show it or let you know that I sometimes get annoyed by the way you treated me. One of the reasons that I did not tell you was because I know that in this society and the time we live in it is very common that husband treats their wives like how you did to me. Probably you and all the other mens who treat their wives like you did to me, do not even have a clue about what they are doing, but I hope by letting you know this you will not treat any other women like you did to me.