Death of a Salesman Essay

There are several aspects of the drama that contribute to its likeness to the lives and experiences of the audience. The setting refers to existing physical elements of the modern time, along with the verbiage. Just as well, characters in the play have real life situations that mimic the everyday lives of those watching, especially of the iddleclass.Probably the most broadly addressed issue in the play, and one of the most common and widespread real world problems faced by people of various occupations and walks of life is financial security. More people, than not, can relate to this experience at some point in their lives. The Great Depression had ended only a decade prior to the production of this play, and even Americans today can relate to the topic, because the countrys economy and unemployment rate is an issue that is discussed daily.

Willy Loman was a man who had dedicated his life to work at an early age, but still wrestled with ayments on the purchases of modern appliances, as well as a mortgage, in his later years. He had high aspirations and felt he was making progress with each successful payday of sales, only to be subsequently disappointed and brought back down to earth by the monetary obligations he held. Disappointment turned out to be a trend as he frequently confronted bitter letdowns in life, spawning emotions within him that allowed the audience to share and sympathize with his character.

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The episodes he experienced in the play contributed to problems with his self-realization. Willy was consumed by his desire to be successful and could not, or refused to, cope with being, at most, an average salesman. He was unsatisfied with not being able to take pleasure in the prosperity of accomplishing the “American Dream” he strived for.

As a result he is remorseful and feels unaccepted, blaming a society that promises freedom for his shortcomings. At times Willy enters daydreams to escape reality while he envisions the life he is unable to achieve.The sentiment is easily shared by any of us in the audience who fall short of career or personal goals. When the product of hard work is insufficient or results in an imprudent layoff, it is anticipated that blame will be attributed to external forces. This is relevant today in American citizens’ attitude towards the government. Numbers of us have methods of escaping the harsh realities of failure, whether it is positive recreation or something detrimental. It is unfortunate that drugs have become a common means to do so in this age.

When offspring is added to the equation, the desire for success is amplified, because the fruits of progress extend beyond personal satisfaction. The struggle is converted into one that empowers legacy. Surely one would be hard-pressed to find a parent that does not wish well for his or her children in any audience. Willy wanted nothing less than the best for his sons, but was incapable of providing it for them. Ergo, he passed that responsibility of enrichment to his sons while trying to equip them with the tools to accomplish that goal.Willy hoped to live vicariously through them, filling his void with their success. To his dismay, he and his sons did not meet eye to eye and share the same visions, sparking heated arguments. In the nd he sacrificed himself in hopes of keeping the dream alive.

We know well, the scenario of the overaggressive parent that all but forces the rebellious child to follow in his or her footsteps. We are even more familiar with a parent’s love for his or her child.It is Miller’s use of realism in Death of a Salesman that allows the audience to empathize with the main character and justify his actions, because the audience is able to understand why he does what he did. Willy is very much your ordinary American man who has been trampled by life on a journey to rendezvous with society’s definition of uccess.

He has trouble coping with his inability to arrive at that destination as his financial misfortune contributes to the deterioration of other areas in his life.This drama addresses our roles and expectations in a materialistic society. We demand that civilization conform to the ethics of fairness, but we live in a cruel world that doesn’t play by the rules. Outline Write an essay of 500-1000 words on the use of a single literary device used within one of the dramas you read for this lesson. l.

Death of a Salesman has several instances of Realism that allow the reader connect with the drama as he experiences are common world and have been shared.