Death journey of life. None of us

Death is the one great certainty in life. It hovers over the lives of all living beings waiting for the moment as it cannot be escaped.  It is known to be the grand mystery of life. Throughout the course of time, every major religion, philosophers, and science has tried to explain this mystery. It touches the lives of every man and woman, and yet we know absolutely nothing about it. It comes at us out of nowhere and takes us away immediately. The rich and the poor alike meet the same end. The good and the bad both go to the grave. The young and the old all leave this Earth eventually. It’s the fact of life.

It is considered to be an extremely taboo subject. It’s such a difficult thing to talk about. And rather than having open discussions about it, we tend to view death as the horrible inevitable. No one wants to talk about it because it makes them face reality. Even though, ironically, we are faced with death every day. We see it on the news, in newspapers, in movies, etc. It’s a funny thing really. We, humans, are afraid of death, yet we are obsessed with finding ways to live longer. But fact is that death comes to us all. We all die at some stage of life, but no one wants to accept it as reality as it would mean that it’s the end of their journey of life.

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None of us will ever see it coming. It’s impossible to. Many will be unaware of the moment. Others will die in ways that are out of their control. But still, there are ways that we can control how we die. We need to create an understanding about how people view death and dying. By doing this, we can potentially help people accept that it is a natural part of life. And in part, establish a sense of peacefulness when  their moment does come.

When death is near for an individual the primary objective should be to fulfill the dying person’s wishes. Ideally, the dying person would have a choice and participate in decisions about their last moments should be. The caretaker should aim to fulfill all of their requests while still providing proper care. The end goal is ensure that the dying individual’s final days and moments is lived out as they wanted while maintaining proper care and comfort.