Decision interrelated with that or not. PLAN:




Decision making:

In brain science, basic leadership is viewed as the
intellectual procedure bringing about the determination of a conviction or a
strategy among a few elective conceivable outcomes. Each basic leadership
process delivers a last decision, which could possibly incite activity.

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ACCESS: Gathered data

RECALL: Possible nursing diagnosis and

PLAN: analyse, synthetize, exercise judgment

IMPLEMENT / EVALUATE: follow through

The initial step which was being utilized by me is gathering information. I
gathered data about the school and city that whether it is protected and
advantageous to move to this school. I conversed with my seniors also. Indeed,
even I have endeavored to interface on Facebook with those understudies who are
examining in Conestoga school and I moved toward becoming companion with them
and associated for such huge numbers of things and that was productive thing.

 After that my subsequent stage was to dissect
the data with another person and match with my necessities that whether my
course have any extension in future. I judge my new subjects with past one that
either these are interrelated with that or not.

Here planning means that when I started to
move further in taking my decision. I have a background of Engineering and also
worked as Associate manager in an e-commerce company back in India. However, I
would like to expose to global business and wanted to open my opportunities
towards global companies. International business as always fascinated me
because different countries has different rules and regulations to operate
business. So, global business management program at Conestoga is a very good
platform for me, because Kitchener waterloo is a home for so many start-ups and
big companies like Blackberry and Toyota manufacturing plant etc.

IMPLEMENT:  By considering all
the primary factors I applied for the admission in Conestoga college after the
10 days I got the admission in Conestoga college. Later I followed all the
process after the admission, I made a GIC Investment of 10,000 CAD in scotia
bank which helps me in supporting my monthly expenses till one year. Then I
applied for my study visa and after 1 month I got my study visa. I had to plan
my travel early so that I can be here early and can know more about the place
where I has to live. I came here on 2nd of September. I attended the
orientation in college and met many international students at college. Some are
from my home country and others from many different regions.  

These are the primary factors which
encouraged me to enroll in Conestoga college.

1.      The
colleges high rated quality education is the main factor that drove me study at
this college.

2.      The
accommodation aspect of the location is another important factor that helped me
to choose this college.

3.      Co-op
opportunities through the college and other organizations in the location near
college or inside the college.

4.      The
Geographical location of Kitchener-waterloo because of low rental and cost of
living and more opportunities of jobs after the completion of the course. It is
the primary reason for selecting Conestoga college.

5.      The
classes here at Conestoga college are more flexible compared to other colleges.
We can match our work schedule with our classes timings.

6.      Kitchener
waterloo is a home for so many start-ups and big companies like Blackberry and
Toyota manufacturing plant etc. All these companies they hire lot of new
graduates every year. So, I had to consider this option.

7.      Conestoga
college has a great infrastructure, which helps students to spend more time in
college than in home. It has a great library resources and the Conestoga
learning apps.

8.      Public
transport is also a great advantage for me in selecting Conestoga college,
because it is cheap and more reliable. Frequency of busses is high near the

9.      Conestoga
college helps us to find jobs while we are in the course and after the course.
It has a job assistance program and job fair also happens once in every
semester. College has tie up with many companies.

10.  Conestoga
college is one of the renowned college in Ontario with a great faculty and a
great student diversity. So, the faculty and geographical location of the
college at Kitchener/Waterloo, has attracted me very much to pursue global
business management in Conestoga college.

Things I learned from
doing this assignment are I learned how to evaluate my decision based on proper
decision model and considering all the alternatives related with the decision.
I even learned how to manage my time effectively and use the decision making
model effectively further in my professional life or in my personal life.