Decision Making on Mba Degree Essay

Decision Making on MBA Degree Son Hwa Kim University of Phoenix Decision Making on MBA Degree Jungian Theory of Personality To Further My Career Since I’ve presently got into the field of Human Resources, and made the level of a specialist, if I decide to further my current career, I consider that it’s going to be a good opportunity and challenge, too, for my current career to keep going on MBA study with concentration in Human Resources Management. To Start a New Career The human being has a desire to achieve his or her personal goal and to improve himself or herself.

To achieve the personal goal is not only to increase the career, but also to bring him or her to the next level of the pursuing goal, which makes your life more enriched, and put you on the line of satisfaction and happiness despite the hardship during the course of efforts for the goal. According to Baruch and Leeming’s book (2001): This suggests the turning point from “I should” to “I want to”. Conclusion References American Psychological Association. (2001). Publication Manual of the American Baruch, Y. (2009), To MBA or not to MBA, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol. 4. Issue 4, pp. 388-406 Baruch, Y. and Leeming A. (2001), _The added value of MBA studies – graduates’ perceptions_, MCB UP Ltd Becker, G. (1964), Human Capital, Columbia University Press, New York, NY. Cheng, E. (2000), Test of the MBA knowledge and skills transfer, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 11 No. 4, pp. 837-52 Dougherty, T. W. , Dreher, G. F. and Whitely, W. (1993), The MBA as analysis of early-career job change, Journal of Management, Vol 19 No. 3, pp. 35-48. Mihail, D. M and Elefterie, K. A. (2006), Perceived effects of an MBA degree on employability ad career advancement: The case of Greece, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol. 11 Issue 4, pp. 352-361 Miller, Denise N. (2006), The Relationship_ between Partner Differences in Jungian Psychological Type and Marital Satisfaction_, Capella University University of Phoenix. (2009). Week two overview. Retrieved August 28, 2009 from University of Phoenix, Week Two, MGT521-Management Course Web site Useem, M. and Karabel, J. (1986), Pathways to top corporate management, American Sociological Review, Vol. 51 No. 2, pp. 184-200