Decision Making Process Paper Essay

The only two states I ever resigned in was North Carolina and New York. I left North Carolina and moved to New York hoping to better support my daughter financially. However the city of New York was much too fast for me to stay there with a small child being a single parent. Therefore stayed five years and relocated back to North Carolina where had family support working long hours. However one day I begin to brainstorm and really look at my situation, there was no progression in my life.I committed myself to a bad relationship with an Individual that did not accept the fact no longer wanted to be in a relationship. Furthermore I begin to utilize all the procedures necessary to disaffiliate myself with this Individual.

For example new phone number, court, restraining order and living with a family member. Step one I looked into different areas, properties and employment prospects. Equally important begin filling out applications to get an ideal of the job market.

Reaching career goals, advancing and opportunities where important factors in the decision to locate. Also considered how many people I knew there and actually spoke to regularly, for example friends and family. Step two wanted to make sure moving was a good decision for Paris my nine year old daughter. Paris and I discussed the move and how she would feel. The outcome of the discussion with Paris went better than I expected she was very excited.

However I still spoke with my parents, family, pastor and friends to get input as well. Overall the feedback received was positive and making a clear choice was becoming much easier.Step three I drove to Atlanta with a close friend who was more familiar with Atlanta to look at an apartment.

The apartment was in a great location and also around the corner from where my friend was relocating. The opportunity to help my friend with her child and her help me as well with Paris would be great support. I applied for the apartment and returned back to North Carolina. Two weeks later I received a phone call from Grady Hospital offering me a position. The following day I received another phone call offering me the apartment.