Definition and Classification of Family Essay

These two people who together bring children into the world are the ones who bring continuity to the world, give self-esteem and self-worth to their children, ensure that their children get proper education and give love to their children no matter the situation. Perhaps my definition of family being two individuals that bring children into this world comes from the culture that belong to, although nowadays many are not defining family as the two individuals that have children (Succulent).

Being from a religious ultra-orthodox culture, I was always taught that one of a woman’s roles in this world is to marry and raise children. Aside from being taught that it is a role of a Jewish woman, I strongly feel like almost every single woman in this world has potential and is given the ability to marry, have children and thereby create continuity in this world. Right now am a single girl who is engaged to a lovely man and am looking forward to following my mother’s footsteps and have children who will continue my heritage and make my parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents (! Proud that am continuing the family name. God willing by marrying my fiance we will both be able to do this. Another reason I think that family is defined as the two individuals, mother and father is because they give so much to their children. The self-esteem and self-worth of children is based so much on the way their parents dealt with and treated their kids. For example, if a child did not do well on a test in school either the parent can say, “Oh, you are so dumb; I knew you couldn’t do it. Or the parent can say, “That was a great try! Keep trying and you’ll just get better! ” This child will take the confidence if the parent gives it to him and keep on trying until he does better. I think that it is ultimately the role of arenas to give over to their children these feelings of love, self-esteem and self-confidence. At home I experienced such an example. A sibling of mine was going through a rough time socially and my parents kept on telling him that everyone loves him and he should continue being the amazing boy he is.

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My brother felt the self-confidence from my parents and pushed himself to go out there and make friends. He made lots of friends and is actually one of the most popular boys in his class at this time! I think that my parents helped him so much in this area and only they were able to give him the tools he needed o make such a drastic change in his usual shy, withdrawn character. Parents play a major role in bringing up their children, making sure they are receiving the proper education that will help them go out into the real world and be proud citizens.

Especially when their children are in adolescence it is one of the most critical years to make sure their children are in good educational environments (Cycles, Jacqueline, and Harold 568). They are the ones who send their children to school to ensure that they get a proper education and learn academically and socially. I greatly appreciate my parents termination to send me to a top elementary school which gave the students great skills, had top education in the city, and was small so I was able to receive individualized attention and feel like the faculty actually knew me and recognized me.

These skills that I received in the elementary school (especially the social ones! ) gave me the tools I needed to carry on to high school, seminary and college too. Without my parents caring so much about my education and the people who taught me I don’t think would be who I am today and neither would my siblings be most probably! Children who row up with parents who couldn’t care less about them being educated, lack a lot in life and it can stop them from reaching their full potential.

For example, in Harlem where the families are so poor and the parents can’t put an emphasis on the children’s education, there can be many children who have above average IIS and can really attribute lots to this world, however since the parents don’t have the means or the money, many just grow up to be drug-addicts or alcoholics contributing nothing positive to this world. Since was born into a family where I had parents who cared so much about my filings and l, we got amazing education and are all successful, proud citizens right now.

We all volunteer since we were taught it was the proper thing to do, we scored high on our Sat and work to earn more money in our free time. I can’t say that we would’ve been such developed children if our parents hadn’t cared so much about our education. Being successful, mature children is because we had parents who cared and that is what think is one of the jobs of the two most important people who make up a “family. ” Another aspect in my life and I think in the lives of every single child or individual is having someone there for them whenever they are going through a difficult time, or just a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear.

I think that parents are the first and only ones that will be there for their children no matter what, no matter the circumstance. In my community when children misbehave and don’t follow the religious path of their parents, it is very common that the parents of that child, although they are disappointed in them, still care about them and make sure they are receiving the same love and attention as the rest of their children who are following the same elisions path as them. This is what I would call unconditional love.

Loving children for who they are and no matter what. This kind of love is found greatly in the religious community, where I come from (Dolerite and Marks 373). Teachers, friends, neighbors, and just acquaintances can start hating someone they used to supposedly “love” because they have wronged them. Such a thing is not found with a parent to a child. Love like this, only parents can give to a child. This love is what creates a family and it comes from the two people who I would define as the main part of a family, the mother and ether.

In conclusion, although the oxford English dictionary and many other people as well define family as a group of people who live together, my own definition of family is the parents that bring children into this world and care for them. Parents do so much for their children which forms a wonderful family. These two individuals, a mother and father, bring continuity into this world by having children, give self-esteem and self-worth to their children, make sure that their children receive a proper education and give unconditional love to their children.