Definition of a Savage Essay

In “Remarks Refering the Savages of North America” . Benjamin Franklin opens by stating “Savages we call them. because their manners differ from ours.

which we think the flawlessness of civility ; they think the same of theirs” ( Franklin. 2008. p. 226 ) . When Franklin wrote this. he had no thought that our society would go on to perplex the differences between civilizations to the extent they exist still today.Many of the settlers attempted to change over Native Americans to Christianity but failed because they could non accept another civilization as being equal to their ain.

They saw the indigens as an inferior group of people that must be saved and taught to populate the same as the white adult male. The narrow minded positions of these early colonists with all of their so called proper ways and instruction caused them to be the barbarians. Our modern twenty-four hours society is driven by wants versus demands.

Many people feel a sense of entitlement to things whether they have earned them or non. Franklin describes the Indians as huntsmans and warriors. populating off the land and taking merely what they needed.

They learned from each other. They listened to each other and gave person talking the full attending deserved. “Having few unreal wants.

they have copiousness of leisure for betterment by conversation” ( Franklin. 2008. p.

226 ) . The Indians did non possess the mercenary nature of the white adult male.They welcomed a alien into their community. Federal and clothed him. offered him a topographic point to kip and expected nil in return but family. The settlers would non hold offered the same cordial reception to an Indian that appeared as a alien at their door.In seeking to change over the Indians to Christianity. the settlers explained their church services as meeting “to hear and larn good things” ( Franklin.

2008. p. 229 ) but upon hearing the Indians explain something from their beliefs. he settlers passed it off as “mere fable.

fiction. and falsehood” ( Franklin. 2008. p. 228 ) .

Franklin ( 2008 ) wrote about an event that occurred at the Treaty of Lancaster in 1744.The Indians were offered a opportunity to direct six of their immature work forces to college to have an instruction. Their response was they preferred to learn the Indian values and imposts because it would guarantee their immature work forces would go valuable members of their ain civilization.

The Indians did reciprocate by offering to take 12 immature white work forces. educate them and “make work forces of them” ( p. 227 ) .

The settlers clearly believed their manner to be better because they felt their society to be more civilised. In comparing of the British House of Commons and an Indian council. Franklin ( 2008 ) discussed how the English have to talk really rapidly to acquire their words out before being interrupted and that frequently a call to order was issued because of the statements that often occurred. In contrast. he Indian council was held with order and great regard for others when it was their bend to talk ( p.

227 ).The Indian civilization was unusual to the settlers and they perceived anything contradictory from their manner of life to be uncivilized. This stopping point minded position was evident in how rapidly the settlers dismissed the Indians spiritual beliefs.

They felt the white man’s instruction was superior to those of the Indian ways. By non being accepting. the settlers showed great prejudice toward the Indians they called barbarians.This behavior toward the Indians finally resulted in destructing much of their civilization. Many Indians were attacked and killed and the subsisters were forced to go forth their lands. The barbarians were non the Indians but the settlers that came to America and destroyed the Native American civilization.

Our society still struggles with the point Franklin was seeking to convey. A difference in beliefs and civilizations does non do any peculiar group of people superior over another.