Definition of Hero Essay

People think of the word Hero and they automatically think of “Superman” or any other individual being with superhuman attributes. But the truth is that all these traits a hero has, like bravery, strength, compassion and the ability to know right from wrong, can all be seen in your average everyday citizen. We hold these incredibly high standards of what a hero should be when the actual real heroes are in front of us every day without us even acknowledging them. We shouldn’t take the actual heroes we have come to know for granted because one day when we find ourselves in a time of crisis it won’t be Superman who will come and save us.

When someone describes the traits of a hero they talk about how a hero is able to be brave in the face of evil, or able to be strong enough to lift a car, and have enough compassion to forgive even the most heinous of crimes. Think about the police officer who puts his life on the line every day and night to stop criminals. Or the single mother who has the strength to work two jobs and still be able to take her two children to soccer practice, and the father who is able to forgive and love his drug addicted son who stole from him.

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We hold these impossible standards to be hero, when the real hero has been right before your eyes our entire lives. Our parents, our soldiers and our law enforcement they are the real heroes who devote their lives to protect ours. The least we can do is acknowledge their bravery and all the hardships they have had to face so that we would not ever have to experience our own. We shouldn’t take the heroes we have come to known for granted simply due to the fact that they exist as opposed to “Superman” or “Batman”. Batman’s not going to come and bring us soup when are sick, or drop us off at school so we won’t be late.

Neither will Superman stop a drug dealer from selling dope in front of an elementary school, nor will they go and defend our country from terrorism. The only ones who will endure these burdens with open arms are the heroes we take for granted and undermine. So when I hear someone define a hero as being someone who can leap a building in a single bound, or is faster than a speeding bullet, I can’t help but think to myself if only these people knew and understood that the definition of a hero is often simply an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances, who, despite the odds being stacked against him or her, typically prevails in the end.