Demand For E Ticketing Systems Computer Science Essay

It has already seen that there has been a rapid growing in the demand for E-Ticketing systems in a widespread scope of applications like film and theaters.

The use of an Electronic ticketing system has become a immense convenience in the Airline industry every bit good. Most air hoses presently prefer that the majority of their reserves and booking be done online. As it is a no-paper system, there are immense nest eggs to be made when utilizing the electronic system. This subdivision of the research paper is where the research methods to develop this nomadic ticketing are discussed. Upon completion of the literature reappraisal, the bing systems have been exhaustively studied. The advantages and disadvantages of the bing systems have been pointed out.

The mark now is to bring forth a new thought that has the advantages of the bing systems but does non hold its disadvantages. The system has to be new and improved. To carry through this, the literature reappraisal is non plenty. Further research needs to be done to measure if it is even possible to make this system, whether the people will O.K.

of it and happen it utile, how executable is production of this system, what measures need to be taken to do this system and other factors. How this farther research will be carried out will be explained here. The planning and agenda of the research method is besides stated.

Introducing: Mobile Ticketing System for Airlines.

A nomadic ticketing system is yet to be utilized by most air hoses. It is intended to bring forth such a system where people can eventually utilize their cell phones or Mobiles throughout their flights. The usage of Mobile ticketing has been seen in film and other countries but NOT for air hoses.

This has non been introduced for flights anyplace in the universe, but it has an first-class hereafter. There are many grounds why this is so. There has been an addition in the use of nomadic payment strategies. This has streamlined the procedure of payment for assorted merchandises and services.

The assorted strategies include – Direct Operator charge, Premium SMS minutess or even associating the application to external payment methods like recognition cards or PayPal. This is one of the key features that do this new system really useable. Over all the use of nomadic phones now a yearss are a must. Almost everyone has a nomadic phone with them. So there will be many nomadic phone users who will happen this system really utile. Mobile Ticketing will still include benefits to service suppliers like travel bureaus to entree new chances through smartphones, by conveying value added services, such as traveler ushers and tips. It will cut down the sum of paper work and besides usage of paper itself.

Passengers will non hold to worry about losing their tickets any more. The system will be the first system that will implement the scanning of nomadic QR codifications or a speedy response codification for flights. As the name suggests this codification will be disposed for the system because it is read really fast and it can hive away a big sum of informations, which is perfect for hive awaying the ticket information. A simple scan of the codification and the rider will be ready for the flight. This new system is Mobile Ticketing System for Airlines.

Purposes and Scope:

The first measure in bring forthing any system is to calculate out precisely what the system needs to be able to put to death, that is to state, its maps.

The Mobile Ticketing System is required to carry through all the concern procedures of an air hose engagement system. It will inherit the basic flow of procedures of current E-Ticketing systems. Below are the basic maps of this system.Making Reservations – The rider must login to the air hose booking system on the application. The finish, going and/or return day of the month will be input. Once a flight is booked, the rider will be prompted for payment. Once the payment clears, the system will bring forth a alone QR codification for the rider.Checking in – Upon reaching at the check-in counter, the rider allows the scanner to scan the QR codification in the phone.

The system so validates the ticket and the rider is checked in.Boarding – Once the rider arrives at the several embarkation gate, another scan is done and the rider is let on board.Boundaries – Boundaries of a system is the boundary that separates the external entities of the system from its internal entities. Knowing the system boundaries aids in making the undertaking development ends.

The nomadic application to be developed is web based and will interact with the current engagement system of the air hose. As a consequence, a engagement system itself will non be required to be made. The users themselves will interact merely with the nomadic application.


When pull offing a undertaking, the deliverables of the system need to be good defined. Deliverables are the objects that need to be produced in order for this system to work decently and put to death what it is designed to.External Deliverables: The external deliverables of this research undertaking will include an overall study of the system and an appendix including screen layouts, charts and questionnaires.Internal Deliverables: The internal deliverables include a Gantt chart demoing the development timeframe and a description of the Methodology of developing the system.


Please refer to the Appendixs for the Gantt chart that displays the overall undertakings and timeframe for the development of the system.

Cardinal Features:

The system must be able to supply the user with up-to-date flight information along with the assorted monetary values for a ticket.Must let the buying of a ticket.The system must be able to bring forth a QR codification incorporating the information sing the ticket purchased and besides information required for proof.The system must include nomadic payment methods including Direct Operator charge and Premium SMS minutess. To make this, the system must be registered with the assorted telecom operators of the state of usage.In the instance where a rider does non wish to utilize nomadic payment, the application must let the user to chuck utilizing other methods like recognition card or PayPal.In the checking in and get oning procedure, the system must be able to formalize the rider utilizing scanners.The user must be able to entree flight information at any clip.

Flight cancellation.

Advantages of the system:

Ease of usage – The application itself is really simple to utilize. The buying of tickets is fast and less clip consuming.Reduces the demand of waiting in lines, therefore salvaging the user valuable clip.Tickets can be purchased from any location, whether it be at place or at the airdrome itself. All that is required is an internet connexion.Avoids the demand of transporting hard currency or recognition cards during ticket purchase.

Significantly reduces the figure of free-riders. This is a term given to those travelers who arrive late for a flight and make non hold the clip to buy a ticket utilizing the regular method.Mobile Ticketing can increase the consumer experience with the usage of Value-added services. For illustration, in the instance of a traveler sing an unfamiliar location, the application can utilize the ticket information to bring forth utile advice and guidelines to the traveler.

Ecosystem advantages -Savingss in cost due to no printing required. There is besides a decrease in selling costs.The system reduces the impact on the environment caused by printed tickets, particularly those utilizing magnetic chevrons, which are non reclaimable. Less paper is used, which saves trees.

Solutions to restrictions:

The descriptions of the restrictions of the current systems used are detailed in the literature reappraisal. From the restrictions mentioned at that place, the chief 1s refering the nomadic ticketing system were:Payment methods may non work with foreign subscription phonesTickets can be forged easyTelephone can acquire lost or turn off due to miss of battery charge.Last minute flight cancellations will present a job when seeking to book a different flight.The solutions to the above jobs are elaborated below:In the instance in which certain Premium SMS minutess are blocked by some operators, registering the foreign operator supplying the Premium SMS with the local operators may work out the job. In the instance where it is non possible at all, other payment methods like recognition cards or PayPal must be used.Another job for E-ticketing systems is ticket counterfeit. With the usage of Mobile-ticketing, assorted encoding methods can be used to forestall counterfeit. Besides, the smartphones used by the riders can be registered into the system, so that qui vives can be made if a phone is stolen.

Prior notice will be given to travel to the airdrome with the phone battery to the full charged.In the instance of a flight cancellation, the system will look for an alternate flight. If there is a difference in pricing, a refund procedure will be initiated or excess charges will be added to the riders account.