Democracy and Greeks Essay

How do Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian ideas influence the Enlightenment and the foundation of modern governments? The Hebrews Wrote the first laws moral ethic. Also wrote the 10 commandments that Had a huge impact in the Enlightenment. Also, found the first religion Which was monotheistic the belief in one god. The Hebrews are very Important because they are the foundation of many of our illegal laws Including the amendments and right to a trial came from them. In the Modern Hebrews believed that the leaders are not above the law. The

Hebrews also had a holy book named the “Torah”, consisted of five books. Enlightenment includes in political thought, widespread rational Arguments in favor of free thought, human rights, equality and democratic Values came from the Greeks. The use of democracy and government Came from the Greeks. The symbols that we use today came from the Greeks. Also the architecture used came from the Greeks. Out of Hebrews, Romans, Christians, Greeks the Greeks have to be the most influential to The enlightenment and political area. All three of them took things from the Greeks and used them.

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Aristotle wrote politics. They have influenced Political thinking to this present day, Ancient Greeks government was the The first city-state that had here own personality, laws, goals, and customs. The Greeks also had two city-states Sparta and Athens, which no women had The rights to be only at home. Wollstonecraft enlightenment Philosopher goes by the rights of women. Most of our modern world ideas, technology and government come From the Romans. Romans were the biggest plagiarizers around. Romans Had 3 branches for government, Migistrative, Administrative, and Judicial.

Romans two system of laws were civil and laws of nation. Our government used today collecting taxes came from the Romans. The largest effect the Romans had left behind were the ideas of Christians. Christians started checks and balances which made a Influential on the government. We are instead bound to various shades of An idea, just as people were once bound to various shades of Christianity. Christianity is so influential it is still used today. Christians Opposed and increased government. As a result, Christianity was no Longer seen as the main influence in Society, and there was a spirit

Of questioning one’s former beliefs and traditions. Judaeo-Christian faith was laid over the humanistic Philosophical base of ancient Greece and Rome. Greco-Roman Philosophy was suppressed when Constantine adopted Christianity as the Official religion of Rome, artworks destroyed, texts burned. All four Religions made a big influence in the enlightenment only because the Philosophers in the enlightenment used ideas from all of them. The Enlightenment uses the government and democracy, natural laws, And natural rights because the Greeks, Romans, Christians, and Hebrews Started it.