Dentoria three years of progressive leadership in Child

Dentoria Mcclaine

January 25, 2018

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HR/ Job description



Type: Full-time

experience: Child Care: 5 years

thru Friday



Are you an experienced
teacher who is interested in becoming a Center director? Or are you a customer
service pro who needs to learn more about early childhood education? If you are
a motivated, enthusiastic professional who wants to tackle the challenge of
entering the childcare world this may be the job for you.


Title: Early childhood development Director

description: Creates policies, manages staff and
oversees daily operations. Fully responsible for children between the ages of 6
weeks and five years old. Develops the curriculum and ensures the school meets
provided standards by law. Handles all day-to-day operations at the childcare
center. Also, ultimately responsible for everything that could take place
within the daycare. Acts as the main communication hub between parents,
teachers, and children.  The director is responsible
for setting the tone for the facility overseeing physical facilities, hiring
staff and managing the overall image of the center. Ensures compliance with all
local and federal laws governing child care, both regarding the physical
environment and the staff and manage the financial affairs of the child care
facility. Must possess good leadership skills to inspire staff
to work diligently.

specifications: Qualifications

A Bachelor or higher
Degree from an accredited four-year degree granting college or university in
Early Childhood Education and two years in a leadership capacity in a Childcare

credit hours in early childhood courses; and three years of progressive
leadership in Child care management, and One year of which must have been in a
supervisory or team leader capacity

a current State of Florida Director’s Credentials.

knowledge of principles, methods, practices, and procedures for administering
first aid and CPR.Ability
to accurately document all services in the children’s record according to
established timelines.Ability
to quickly and accurately assess situations and use sound judgment in
responding to classroom intervention.Ability
to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Compensation:  Range $38,000 – $42,000 annualized depending
on qualifications/experience